50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 rep rounds for time of:

Double unders

Kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)

Post time to comments.


Team CFV watching the men's lifts at the Bareknuckles Showdown

Thanks to everyone who came out today to spectate and compete at the MBS weightlifting competition.  We had a great showing with five athletes; Mas, Alan, Joylyn, Anna and Emmalee. All five athletes hit PR's on at least one of their lifts today - great job.  We were very proud that only after a few months of lifting, everyone did so well.  As you can see in the picture above, team CFV had a lot of heart today, with there war paint and all.  Again, great job it was tons of fun.

Anyone interested in competing in the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifiers competition, please talk to Matt or Cherie.  Sign-up must be completed on Febuary 1st and costs $100 per athlete.  If you have questions concerning the competition, again, please talk to Matt or Cherie.  We encourage everyone to take the challenge and sign up – its sure to be a lot of fun.  As always, it doesn't have to be fun to be fun.


  1. I bet you’re wondering if the KB snatches are 50 each arm or 50 total…
    Break up the KB snatches as needed, for a total number of reps to equal 50 (for the 1st round).
    Kill it.

  2. Amy :

    Look, I feel like I have been a huge disappointment but I am committed to violating the WOD tomorrow: ripping it from its nest, having my way with it, giving it an extra Chuck Norris/Matt Chan round-house kick, Virtual shoveling that bitch, and Cherie Chaning the F *c& out of it!
    See you all tomorrow

  3. beci :

    Hey Cherie!
    Great to see you yesterday.
    Awesome turnout and results for “Team Verve”
    See you at Regionals soon….

  4. cherie :

    It was great to see you also. Good luck with CFHR and let us know if you need anything.
    Cheers Cherie

  5. James :

    Elements #3 WOD, sub 12 # medicine ball for 20# ball (it was the heaviest they have!): 12:06.
    Anyone got any good bodyweight only workouts for me while on vacation?

  6. Matt :

    Travel WOD’s coming your way via email James. Nice job on the E#3 WOD.

  7. WOD:
    Erin 11:53
    Tiffany 11:20 (8kg)
    Ben 20:30 (singles)
    Joei 19:26 (12kg, singles)
    Emily 19:33 (8kg, singles)
    Nicole 25:46 (8kg, singles)
    Sarah 14:22 (12kg, singles)
    Mike C. 20:34 (20kg, singles)
    Cheresa 16:13
    Jake 13:42 (16kg)
    Joylyn 18:59
    Britt 20:33 (8kg, singles)
    Jen 17:09 (8kg, singles)
    Emmalee 16:44
    Elizabeth 20:12 (8kg, singles)
    Chelsea 15:48 (8kg)
    Mas 13:10
    Alan 16:42
    Kiley 13:28
    Sherry 16:45 (modified)
    Amy 18:51 (12kg)
    Jared 9:54
    Anthony 9:33
    Cherie 15:02
    Elements #1
    5rds: 500m row, 25 squats
    Sandy 22:14

  8. Mas and Joylyn :

    Hey guys, great wod (you said wod..tehehee)today. We would like to thank Cherie for taking care of us yesterday at the Oly meet. We hope we made you proud, and showed off your coaching abilities to the other affiliates. We could not have done any of this without the Verve family for the last few months. Next meet, we will have a whole gaggle of war painted Ververs–so watch out!
    A quote from my lovely fiance this morning after an eventful evening(you know who you are). “I don’t know if it’s the hangover that hurts so bad, or the double unders we are going to do?”
    p.s. I just peed myself a little after reading this out loud. mas

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