Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Thrusters 95#/65#

7 Hang powercleans 95#/65#

10 Sumo deadlift high-pull 95#/65#

Last done 10/25/08

Post rounds and thoughts to comments.


Mike dawning the new Verve mandatory accessories.

The "Karen" results from Friday are impressive

Alan: 8:47 (last done 11:14, a 2:27 decrease in time).

Anna: 11:07 (last done 11:45 with a 12# ball, a 0:38 decrease in time and increase of 3# the equivalent of moving an extra 450#'s).

Jason: 8:43 (last done 13:14, a 4:31 decrease in time).

Jared: 8:56 (last done 15:16 with 12# ball, a 6:20 decrease in time and an increase in 8# the equivalent of moving an extra 1200#'s).

Emmalee: 12:43 (last done 13:22 with a 12# ball, a 0:39 decrease in time and increase of 3# the equivalent of moving an extra 450#'s). 

Cherie: 8:11 (last done 7:48 with a 12# ball, a increase of 0:23 in time, but an increase in 3# or the equivalent of moving and extra 450#'s).

Matt: 4:51 (last done 5:06, a 0:15 decrease in time).

Measurable results.  Very impressive, everyone that repeated Karen saw an improvement in their fitness. 


  1. Matt :

    Mike, that’s the coolest photo I’ve seen yet. The bands are effing awesome!!! Impressive work from everyone that did “Karen”. Let’s keep the ball rollin’.

  2. Alan :

    Much improvement from October!
    I was interupted halfway through here at work with a walk-in to the station. I just stopped the watch, and continued from that point afterwards. Don’t really know if the stop helped, or hurt me! Sucks to workout at work sometimes!
    I did get paid to do this workout today though! That is the bright way to look at it! =)

  3. stef :

    YES!!! Mike, you’re wearing the sweat bands as recommended. I love that you totally followed through with it. You rock and that’s funny 🙂

  4. Matt :

    Nice job Alan. Let’s do it again in the gym and see what happens. Something tells me that the group atmosphere and loud music would add a few more rounds (not to mention me yelling in your ear). See you soon.

  5. Matt :

    Mas 8rds
    Emmalee 7rds
    Jen 8rds (33#)
    Dan 11.66rds
    Jared 7.33rds
    Chelsea 7rds (43#)
    Jake 7rds (45#)
    Matt 13rds
    3rds: 500m row, 20 ball slams
    Pat 12:58 (10#)
    Larry 14:50 (15#)

  6. Erin Johnson :

    Hey CF VERVE!
    I did this workout at the fire station today too…SMFR Station #33
    I managed to eek out 10 rounds.
    It is definitely tough getting motivated when you are by yourself at the firehouse with no comraderie and loud music but yes it is nice to get paid to work out!
    Hope to work out with you all again soon!

  7. Alan :

    Damn Erin…YOU ROCK!!! Hurry up and join the family! LOL

  8. Matt :

    10 rds takes the cake for the girls. Nice job Erin. We can help with the motivation… stop in. Thursday’s class is formal wear only – right up your alley!

  9. Erin Johnson :

    Thanks guys! I am sore today…ouch!
    I would LOVE to work out in my formal wear with all of you…I will be there with my Prom Dress ON!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

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