Five rounds for time:

Run 400m

30 Sit-ups

30 Dead-lifts, 135# (90#)

Post time and thoughts to comments

"To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all." – Oscar Wilde


8 am tabata wall-ball warm-up Alan, Anna, Jen and Mike.

We would like to thank Dan and Anthony for retrieving Amy's stolen telephone.  What an adventure.  The dude should have known he didn't have a chance running from a couple of CrossFitters.  Can't say I've ever chased anybody before, it was very empowering.  As a woman you always wonder what you would do in those situations.  Any other women have similar situations happen?  As a footnote; please leave all valuables in your car or at home.  We can take car keys and put those with our camera bag.

Celebrating successes

Jared has officially gone down three notches on his belt.  He has been on the zone faithfully (excluding T-day and a story about some scotch) for 26 days. Jared we are super proud of your dedication and hard work.

Emmalee got her picture in the Denver Post doing a burpee clean and jerk in the snow.

Cass, Amy, Jen and Kiley all used the 35# bell for the first time this week.

Mike and Jared used the 54# bell for the first time this week.  

We are extremely happy with everyones dedication and hard work.  Congratulations and keep it up. 


  1. Dan :

    I just pulled a Matt today…… on Matt! Haha, sub 18. How you like me now? LOL. That was super fun today guys! thanks

  2. Cherie :

    Unbelievable today Dan. Nice work. -cc

  3. Matt,
    So are we on for the December Monthly Challenge? We better knock this out before the holidays…

  4. Matt :

    Pat, I think we can make it happen. What do you say CrossFit Verve? Are you up for a challenge against MBS CrossFit and Flatirons CrossFit? It’s going to be the Trevor Win’e Challenge.
    Dan, today’s showing reaffirmed my suspicion that you are an animal. Great time and even better intensity. I’d like to mention that Dan didn’t compromise form or range of motion for a single rep.
    Ben 23:28
    Alan 23:45
    Cheresa 23:36 (95#!)
    Kiley 23:21 (75#)
    Mas 28:26
    Joylyn 33:50 (95#!)
    Emmalee 29:07 (95#!)
    Dan 17:58 T2B
    Josh 28:12
    Jared 26:57
    Jason 29:22
    Amy 26:25 (75#)
    Matt 20:39
    Anthony 21:28
    Cherie 20:48
    Sarah 23:13 (55#)
    Liz 26:38 (80#)
    Hillary 29:16 (80#/85#)
    Elements #2
    21-15-9: push press, front squat, push-ups, ball slams
    Chelsea 11:05
    Jake 13:38
    Big showing… but still missing a couple. Steff and Joei, where are you?

  5. Dan :

    Definitely down to take on MBS and Flatirons. A little friendly comp never hurt anybody… except for the one guy. but besides him, friendly competition never hurt anybody. hahaha
    Bring it!

  6. Jared :

    Certainly in the top 5 for hardest workouts for me!

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