"No rest for the wicked"

Three rounds for time:

Bear crawl 200′

30 Push ups

15 Overhead squats 95# (65#)

Post time to comments.


Kiley taking flight during her first WOD.


Alan and Anna doing partner assisted chest slapping pushups during today’s WOD.  FUN!

We’ve always said that we’d adapt our workouts to stay in front of the fitness curve.  CrossFit or not, we aim to bring you the highest level of fitness possible.  Next week we begin "Euro Training".  Take a peek here and here.


  1. Alan :

    Saturday’s workout was hands down our favorite yet!!!! Pain is fun!!!! Hee Hee!

  2. cherie :

    Elements 2&3 Jared and Amy
    Jared: 16:31 (45#)
    Amy: 15:22 (PVC)
    Matt: 7:58
    Cherie: 12:38
    Elements 1 Kiley
    “Karen” 150 wallballs
    Kiley: 9:06 (4#)

  3. Kiley :

    Thanks Cherie! I had fun w/ the wall ball, and can’t wait for our next WOD!

  4. cherie :

    Alan, I liked it too. Expect more fun to come and try to make it to this Saturdays 11am.
    Kiley, glad to here it, you did awesome today!

  5. Matt :

    Alan 17:44 (65#)
    Anna 17:27 (45#)
    Matt J. (sandbagger) 12:16
    Nice job tonight… its getting darker earlier isn’t it?!? It was great meeting you Matt, good luck with West Metro. Please feel free to get a hold of me if you need anything.

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