Dumbell fun for time:

50 Double unders

10 Maneaters

150 m Dumbell lunge

150 m Waiter walk
15 Maneaters
150 m Farmer walk
150 m Dumbell lunge
10 Maneaters
50 Double unders

Pick a dumbell weight you can control for all movements. 
Men aim for 40# women aim for 25#.
Post time to comments.
Danandsarain southamericajumpig 
Dan and Sara using their CrossFitness somewhere on the beaches of South America.
Mark had a great idea in the comments yesterday.  Why not have a Verve playlist?  All interested submit up to five songs and we'll make a playlist so everyone has a tune to inspire them?  Of course we may veto a song, sorry Mas but "Wind beneath my wings" will probably not make it.  Post songs to comments and also let us know if you have it for download.


  1. Ben :

    Frolicking AMRP?

  2. Ben :

    W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. – Wale
    Puppets – Atmosphere
    Lollipop – Framing Hanley
    Mil Cosas – Tego Calderon
    Heros – Shinedown
    Drown Me Slowly – Audioslave
    Sorry, can’t count.

  3. HAHAHA, yes Ben, frolicking AMRAP! haha!
    Hey everybody, Dan and Sara say hello from Baños Ecuador. The altitude kicked our butts this morning in our burpee/squat WOD but we´re sticking to the travel WODS and sweating it out. Just glad we don´t have dumbells handy. hahaha!

  4. Heather :

    Adjustment to the WOD so 2nd Lunge and Farmer walk= 75m still this workout was freakin hard, Awesome job 2 everyone this morning, and don’t worry I tortured myself through it as well, and I’m sure all our buns will be feelin it tomorrow. Hope ya all enjoy your memorial day off!!!

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