30 – 25 - 20 - 15 - 10 - and 5 rep rounds for time of:

Virtual shoveling 45# (25#)


With an Olympic bar holding only one 45# plate (25#), touch the plate on one side of the barrier, then the touch the other side of the barrier for one 'rep'.  The barrier is 24" tall.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Don't know which is more amazing; that Anthony is doing a handstand on the Great Wall of China or that he is wearing khakis.


Dan and Derringer toughing it out in the snow.

The recipe page has been changed.  It is now named "Fuel", see it over there on the left?  There is also an update of an easy three block sandie.  Many of you have been on the zone for a while now.  Send us some recipes and photos of your creations and we will post them on the fuel page for all to enjoy.  Quit being so greedy with your recipes.

Any thoughts on the zone?



  1. Matt :

    Great pic from today. Glad to see you guys toughed out another one.
    Nutrition is the base for an elite level of fitness. Simply put, if you aren’t fueling the fire just right, your fire isn’t burning at full potential. Burn mofo, burn.
    Today’s WOD at NMFR STA64
    3 rds:
    30 Waiter carry lunges 54#
    30 Pull ups
    30 KB SDHP 53#
    Matt 15:46

  2. Dan :

    Oh man, I love this (tomorrow’s) work out! Matt, you were cursed out a lot today. LOL

  3. Amy :

    hahahahahahha Anthony wears khakis!!! That is great. Anyway, I love the zone. NOt kidding. It’s a challenge but I don’t think twice because I know it is only making me stronger and more healthy.
    Bring it.

  4. cherie :

    Matt- What no dumbell squat clean throws at the firehouse?

  5. Anna :

    Holy Cow!!! I don’t ever recall a workout that made me think my heart was going to explode. Nice workout though. Kicked my ASS! Thanks Cherie for woring in some squats and burpees with me last night, god knows you were already exhausted. Helps to have that encouragement. By the way, I HATE, squat clean and throws. They are evil!

  6. Matt :

    Wow, glad you guys LOVED the wod from yesterday… 😉
    I’m going to do it on Monday in the park, as I can’t exactly throw dumbells across the fire station.
    Strong backs today!

  7. Alan :

    You know….you guys really need to leave Anthony alone about the khakis…
    I mean, what is wrong with khakis…I wear them!
    Now Khakis, no belt, and tennis shoes……THAT’S PRETTY DAMN FUNNY LOOKING!!! LOL
    J/K Anthony…We can’t wait until you get back and kick our butts!

  8. Amy :

    Anna, I was trying to put my finger on the feeling I had during the WOD but could not figure it out….until you said it felt like your heart was going to explode! That was definitely the feeling.

  9. cherie :

    Dan: 10:30
    Jared: 19:25
    Alan: 20:19
    Anna: 21:01
    Cherie: 15:10
    Joylyn: 14:10 (knee)
    Liz: 14:10 (10#, knee)
    Jen: 16:38 (10#, knee)
    Kiley: 12:13 (25#, 10#, knee)
    Derringer: 12:33 (10#)
    Nice job everyone. Way to stick it out. I couldn’t feel my forearms when I was done!

  10. Anna :

    Way to go all, I still can’t make a fist. Wow, Alan and I got our asses handed to us. Nice work on everyone’s times (except mine yuk!)

  11. cherie :

    I find it fitting that VERVE is also an energy drink,
    Anna, I’ve been having a lot of trouble typing tonight.
    Dan great job with the time to beat.
    Anthony are you out there? We’ve been poking fun at you all day! When really we’re just jealous that you can do a real handstand push-up.

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