As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Thrusters 95# (65#)

7 Hang power cleans 95# (65#)

10 Sumo deadlift high pull 95# (65#)

Post rounds to comments.


What are you doing on Febraury 21st, 2009?  No plans yet?  Great!  Come spend the day with us at CrossFit Agoge in Montrose.  Robb Wolf will be in town for the CrossFit Nutrition Certification where he’ll cover the art and science for performance nutrition, practical application of the Zone/Paleolithic diets, how to shop, eating on the road, and so much more.  It’ll be a ton of fun and a great opportunity to get out of town for the weekend.   


  1. Matt :

    Alan: 5 1/3 rounds
    Anna: 5 2/3 rounds
    Alan and I had to fight some crime today in the park. Damn hoodlums! Nice job as usual.
    Ben completed Elements #1 today and did great during the WOD.
    5 Rounds for time:
    Run 400m
    50 Squats

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