Sunday 110410


Get outside and use your fitness for fun and play today!

Post play to comments.
The Verve crew at Roots on Saturday for WOD 11.3: Kirsten, Beth, Sara, Robyn, Courtney, Anna, Addie, Ali, Joylyn, Mas, Bob, Jacob, Stef, Bernstein, Jo, Cecily and Pottsie.  Minus Leet and Lev.

Great showing yesterday everyone.  Strong performances and the best cheering/photogenic/pole dancing around! Big props to CrossFit Roots for hosting a well-run and fun shindig for all!

Remember to submit your scores for validation ASAP.  Either submit it to CrossFit Verve or CrossFit Roots accordingly.  Here's to another awesome week ahead. 


  1. Nicole :

    Verve! – thanks for coming up to Boulder! You guys rocked it. Until next time!

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