Sunday 091220

As many rounds as possible  in 12 minutes of:

6 Burpees
6 Knees-to-elbows

Post rounds and fractions to comments.
"Tabata Something Else". Taq, Caylan, Donna, Jen and Mas.


  1. Donna :

    See info below from my farm share. The share runs from June to November – it was a great investment this year:
    We are running a special for the rest of this month, where if you purchase a 2010 Veggie or Fruit Share, not only will you save 5%, but we will also send you a Canvas CSA Tote Bag, and a CSA Organic Cotton T-Shirt. We will mail these out after we return from the holidays. Also, keep in mind that for every person you refer, we will place $20 in “green bucks” credit into your account, to be used for future purchases of Grant Family Farms products.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" McDowell :

    Question, are those AB bands to assist in push ups? That looks awesome for building full ROM! What’s the best setup for that? I have Maria, (an Iraqi Translator) who loves CF and I think this would be a great progression for her.
    Did Filthy 50 yesterday Rx’d in 30:44. Dropped 6 minutes and not modified! Today was 4 rds 800M, rest as needed in between. Took 3-4 min rest (depending on other heat’s duration) and ran 2:50/2:52/2:58/2:58
    The past couple weeks has been huge for me, thanks to the cert, my mind and body becoming one and watching the 2009 games on CFJ seeing those guys destroy WODs (especially Matt).
    Anyone know if they will be doing the same movie setup for the women?

  3. AmySchaeffer :

    Jeff, you are going to come back jacked!!! I can’t wait to see your dome and work out with you.
    Can’t wait for the new year. I’ve got three awesome people in my life starting up in January…. It’s going to be a strong crew. And we should totally dress up for a new years eve WOD. I missed it last year and was so bummed

  4. Mark :

    Can we do the new years eve WOD..late?? LIke after 9pm when I get off of work…midnight wod? maybe…

  5. Cherie :

    Donna – will do thank you!

  6. The one that feels good, that feeling of hope or happiness or love.

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Team WOD

"Sunday is Funday"

Team workout with two people

800m Run

200 Push-ups

60 Glute-ham sit-ups

150 Ball slams

150 Kettlebell snatch

50 Tire flips 

800m Run

Complete this workout as a team of two.  Only one member can be working at a time.

Compare to: Sunday, March 1st 2009

Post time and team to comments. 

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