Skills Day!

Dumbell complexes

Post skills and WOD to comments.

The Micheal's boys idea of fun; 150 burpees for time finished in sub 14 minutes.

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  1. Nicole :

    Hey Verve –
    Anyone tried cutting out nightshades? We read Tiffany’s post and are curious to hear any feedback!
    Dan, I owe you an apology! I put your name up on the board as John! Apparently I wasn’t hearing well that day as I thought Jimmy’s name was Jaime.

  2. derek :

    I am trying it right now but have only been doing it for about a week or so. I haven’t really noticed a difference yet, except that my salads aren’t as good with out tomatoes. Sorry that I had to miss a skills day I have found them all really helpful.

  3. Yeah, great workouts my last 3 days on :). They were both “ouch” and “sweeeet!” Fun stuff yesterday and today. I do think Bear is fun but I Rx and was failing by the end. It’s interesting about learning my limits. I can lift 63 lbs overhead (no problem). Couple it with all other movements in Bear and kaboom, muscles were failing at the end. So today’s workout, I went with a lower weight in order to maintain form and continuity. I felt very satisfied with my performance after. Oh and THANK GOD I went a bit lower for those Turkish get-the-hell-ups!! I’m so dominant on my right side that my left side was obviously weaker and more unstable. This would be a great exercise to toss into workouts more often.
    Re: nightshades- I’m not a big nightshade eater to begin with (a good thing apparently) so I don’t think I’d see a huge difference from eliminating the already trace amount in my diet. We’re talking a slice of tomato here and there. I’m more of a green veggie person by default. So I’m definitely curious to see if anyone will notice a big difference physically.

  4. How’z this for a Turkish Get-Up?

  5. Tiff :

    i’ve cut them out and haven’t noticed a huge difference either.
    HOWEVER, both of my parents (one of whom suffers from arthritis and the other from psoriasis) have seen a significant decrease of pain/symptoms since cutting out nightshades.
    from the research, there are two types of people out there…those who can tolerate them and those who can’t. i’m thinking if there are people suffering from pain, arthritis, or auto-immune diseases…it is worth a try! as for the rest of us, maybe it’s something to keep in the back of our minds if symptoms ever surface.
    although, in the name of integrity in the area of scientifically experimenting with diet and our bodies, i must add: the research i read also stated it takes 6-12 weeks of a no nightshades diet to see the full effect.
    that’s what i got for ya so far, derek!
    **written from the couch of tiffany skidmore, where i apparently now live.**
    i have to get healthy soon, right?!
    crossfit, i miss you.
    more than you know.

  6. Elizabeth Huff :

    You will be healthy soon!!! Stay strong! You can do it man! It’s the mental challenge of a lifetime

  7. Elizabeth Huff :

    BTW, the other thing I have heard about psoriasis is eliminating gluten from the diet. My psoriasis was much better when I ate less gluten. Unfortunately beer has now negated the wonderful effects of the gluten free diet! Cheers!

  8. Joylyn :

    That is quite possibly the cutest pic EVER!!! Those boys are in mid-air and lovin’ it! I wish I could smile that much when doing burpees for time.
    Loved the ring work again yesterday Zac, and the playtime after the wod. Throwing all the med balls around and laughing–loved it lots, thanks.

  9. derek :

    I plan on giving it a chance for a couple of months, I didn’t expect to see a big difference in just one week, and I do have lots of joint pain so it is defiantly something I will stick with Tiff. I am really hoping that it will be something that makes a difference. Hope you feel better soon Tiff,thanks for the info

  10. I miss everyone… Can’t wait to see some of ya tomorrow!

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