Running skills and drills!

Then, as a team of two:

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

400m Run

Kettlebell snatch, 20kg/12kg

The team member running the 400m sets the duration for the kettlebell snatches of the other team member.  The total reps of kettlebell snatches for each team member are added for a team total.

Post team and total to comments. 


Jen Wiman getting inverted during handstand skills and drills day.

Whether you have a cruise in a tropical land scheduled or you are looking to qualify for the 2010 CrossFit Games, you've got some goals associated with your training.  Although CrossFit is a remarkable program for general physical preparation, you are going to need a little planning to maximize your training in order to reach your full potential.  Whether you have identified strength as an issue that needs to be addressed, or you need to dial in your nutrition, an individualized plan needs to be established no matter what the goal.
By emphasizing practice at any one movement or skill, aren't we going against the "constantly varied…" charter of CrossFit?  Aren't we specializing and isn't that the enemy?  Well, sort of… but by not addressing specific areas of weakness or emphasizing other areas, you certainly are leaving a chink in your armor.  In order to reach your goals, you must address certain areas of your training that may be outside the realm of the WOD.  This is where planning comes into play.
By identifying a timeline for which you must reach your goals, you've already established a plan (I want to look good in a bikini by…).  Now it's time to detail that plan by breaking the timeline down into smaller timelines (I need to have my nutrition dialed in by the end of week 2).  At this point you've become a specialist.  Do you think that's a bad thing?  Nope – it's necessary in order to become good at all aspects of fitness.  You were deficient in that area and now you brought it up to speed, so it's time to move to the next timeline.
We are going to have a detailed discussion today at 1:00pm where we will discuss planning to reach goals, for sport-based events, and for overall fitness.  Please plan on staying for an hour.  For anyone considering competing in the CrossFit Games, this meeting will help immensely.


  1. Catherine :

    Keep meaning to say that I love the new banner at the top! Sweet pictures!

  2. Tiff :

    thanks for today, guys! the planning session got all sorts of ideas firing. =)
    how do you always know exactly what i need before i know i need it? heh. sweet.

  3. Holly :

    I’m bummed that I missed today, but couldnt make it work. Can you do another planning session and a running drills day in the near future??

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