For Time:

Row 500m, then: 

21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts, 225# (185#)


Post time to comments.


Elizabeth and Zoe are practicing for Murph.  You should see how they do pull-ups.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Paleo Challenge. The goal of the Challenge was to improve the quality of the food we put in our mouths.  For anyone that participated in the Challenge, whether strict or not, we feel we reached that goal.  Every person that attended one, or both of the Paleo seminars, learned how to eat better. 

For those of you who stuck to the rules of the Challenge, you are rewarded with numerous changes, ranging from inches off your waistline to improved cardiovascular capacity.  Some of you show the changes in your body, others notice a difference in how you feel.  Let's review the rules of the Challenge:

Eat NONE of the following: Grains – including bread, pasta, noodles, beans, potatoes, dairy (excluding eggs), sugar, and salt.

Eat ALL of the following: Meat, chicken and fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables – including lots of avocado, nuts (excluding peanuts or cashews), spices… lots of spices, and berries – they deserve a category all their own.

Stay tuned for winners and after photos. 


  1. Cherie :

    Who do we owe money to for our derby tickets last night? Joylyn did you find your purse? Thanks for the fun night everyone. Don’t forget we all promised to start a Verve roller derby team.
    Thanks to everyone for a great time and don’t forget about today at 2!!

  2. Cherie :

    Update on the weight loss goal. To date in 16 days I have lost 15 pounds with 12 pounds to go. I am on 11 to 12 blocks a day. I haven’t remeasured myself so I’m not sure exactly. I love being back on the zone, it really holds me accountable for my portion sizes. About 95% of our meals are paleo. Which I also really like. The other 5% have been yogurt or beer. The paleo cookbook is my new best friend. I do however need to tweek all the recipes to fit my current zone blocks. For instance, my paleo pancakes are:
    3 blocks
    Put all ingredients in a blender
    3 eggs
    .5 apple
    .25 cup of lite coconut milk
    2 tbsp almonds
    (add cinn or vanilla if you like)
    Blend and cook in skillet.
    add .5 cup of blueberries to the top
    Wonderfully mouth watering and it equals to a complete 3 block meal with 1 carb deleted for 3 fat. Remember you can delete carbs and add fat but you can not delete fat and add carbs.
    For those of you not familar with the cookbook here it is:
    Here are free recipes from the book:
    On the flip side I am still frustrated with my performance at the gym. I did Kelly yesterday and was really glad I had Joylyn and Stef there in case I needed my ABC’s checked.
    Kelly as rx’d 36:32
    New gym record goes to Alan at 25:12. Awesome job Alan I was super imopressed.
    Hope you see you all this afternoon at the Young club house.

  3. Heather :

    Ok So Ladies….. I’ve found some roller rinks, for us to start practicing our skating technique. I think that needs to be our next group outing, Here’s the spots….
    *US on Wheels- Arvada, 64th and Sheridan
    *Skate City- Westminster, Aurora, Littleton
    Fri, Sat, Sun they all have plenty of public skating times
    I’m Excited!!!

  4. tiffany :

    yessssss! Heather, that sounds so fun…

  5. Mark Atkinson :

    Jared and Amy,
    Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and everyone who brought food…mmmmm delicious brownies I had a kick ass time and was way lucky to get that area of town for the day so Erin and i could join in. Thanks again it was most def. the best Sunday I could have had…given I was working.

  6. Matt :

    Agreed – Cherie and I had a great time this weekend with all the Verve peeps. We encourage everyone to join us on our group outings, as they’ve been super fun. Thanks to Jared and Amy for hosting the Post-Paleo celebration tonight… you guys are the best. Mark and Erin, we’re so glad you guys could make it… prolly better than posting at a 7-11 🙂

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