Sunday is Funday

For time:

5k Run or row

Compare to January 18th, 2009

Post times to comments.


Anna and Tammer snatchin' during Tuesday's hand terror… get it?

First, we have rescheduled the "Snatchin' on Sunday" clinic because Matt is sick with pneumonia AND flu-like stuff… ewww.  This bug is going around and has a fairly long life, so if you're sick too, please stay home and get well.  Your CrossFit workouts will not be good and you'll spread the nasties.

Why do people fear the 5k run?  Our guess is that they are stuck in the old mindset that a 5k is an incredibly long distance meant only for races and real runners.  Another thought is that the 5k is so boring that it becomes unbearable after only a very short time.  I have news for you – that's BS.  Every CrossFitter is fully capable running a 5k and recovering so fast that they'll leave wondering what all the fuss was about.  You want to try boring… pull down one of the rowers and be our guest.  Watch those meters just fly off the monitor. 

Seriously, come in and enjoy a beautiful day by setting a new PR on the 5k run.  It's a logbook entry! 


  1. Joylyn :

    Sad I have to work tomorrow, the weather will probably be great for you all. I will be cooking paleo meals at work for my crew (they have asked to try it out for a tour) so I will let you know how it goes. I have high hopes.
    Matt and Cherie–I think you should start putting some pics up and letting us all come up with caption suggestions on occasion. Just an idea. Amy, Steff and the rest of the goofy CFV peeps could go crazy nuts hilarious.
    BTW, Steff–nice work on the WOD this morning, you threw some mad weight around and stuck it out, strong work!

  2. Joei :

    Damnit, figures the first Sunday I have to work and we’re doing my favorite 5k run! Maybe I’ll run by myself after work. By the way, paleo pizza is delicious!!! Feel better Matt!

  3. Tim M :

    Joei which paleo pizza did you have? I made the chicken pizza out of the Paleo cook book (Performance Menu). It was great and easy.
    Have to work to day, dame I am gong to have to miss the run. 😛

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    Joei-next time you can run for me…..this is by far my most dreaded work out!
    With that being said,after I threw a pretty good temper tantrum with tears and all, I reluctantly set out for the run. Bc I couldn’t figure out the trip odometer in my Jeep, I had to run on a treadmill (hope it still counts!?). I completed it in 32:17. Yeah, that averages 10 minutes a mile but I DID NOT stop once, never went below a jog, and kept the pace/speed at a higher number than I have ever been able to do before for such a long time. Even though my time is really long, I am actually really proud of myself and am EXCITED for the next run!
    What I learned: running at a short stride like Matt and Cherie have shown me actually DOES work better and I seem to get quite a bit more power without expending much energy. And, just as the post claims, when I was done, I was hardly breathing heavy at all and I really pushed it at the end. I also did not have to throw myself on the ground to recover like I usually do after a WOD.

  5. JEN :

    Quick and easy post…5k time 27:42. I was super excited. My last time was 30:34! Yahoo!

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