Pull-ups 85% of 1RM, 3×3 reps

Then, as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

100 Single-unders

30 Squats

20 Push-Ups

Post rounds to comments.


Jared demonstrating a perfect front rack.  Elbows high, open grip, vertical spine.

As trainers, we take the well being of you, the client, very seriously.  CrossFit is taxing, both physically and mentally.  Most likely if you're in our gym, it's that challenge that drew you to us.  However, there is a fine line to be drawn between pushing our bodies as hard we can, and not being reasonable with what we're asking of our bodies.  

The reason this is being brought up is because as much as we try to monitor what each athlete is capable of (yes, you are all athletes), we don't know how your body feels.  We don't know how much we can truly ask of you on any given day.  As an example, lets say that during the course of one week of training, the programming leans heavily towards weight lifting. As the week goes on, you know you're fatigued.  You may have some muscle/joint pain. Yet, as the week progresses, what shows up on the web site?  You guessed it, heavy lifting. What a conundrum.

The competitive side of you wants to lift what the programming is asking of you, but your body is saying something different.  This is where it becomes important that you be reasonable with yourself.  You may simply have to take what your body is willing to give on this particular day, and be happy with that.  Above all, don't compare yourself to others. The progress we see from each of you is unique to you.  Give yourself credit for achievements made, and take setbacks in stride, knowing that some days you'll feel great about your workout, and some days it's a victory to finish.  


  1. Sherry :

    What a good looking athlete in that picture!!! 😉

  2. gerson :

    Geez very true, i need to take what my body can put out… lately i haven’t been content with the amount of weight/gains (and times) with my squat (other exercises too) yet my deadlift, snatch and C&J have gone up significantly…
    content, will i ever be content with my times or max weight??? its ever evolving, some days are better, some… well a couple steps back… freakin hate that! i want to see gains all the time and that’s simply not going to happen… keeps me comin back and tomorrows wod looks good

  3. Jeff McDowell :

    I have that going on with me this last month. As we did our combat conditioning, my body was hurtin & aching but I pushed through the pain cause my Marines espect me to lead them and I have to perform no matter what. I’m still working on being able to exhibit that mental fortitude all the time and not just when I’m not under that pressure.

  4. Sara Weisbart :

    Nice Rack Jared. 🙂

  5. Tiff :

    well said, gerson. i agree whole heartedly with your post. =)

  6. Danimal :

    That Jared is so hot right now

  7. Rosa :

    wow – i just sneezed and i thought my stomach muscles might rip apart. thanks for the ab work yesterday – clearly i needed it.

  8. Matt :

    Yeooowww, there have been some hurtin’ units coming in for workouts lately. Achey biceps (SDHP, snatch), abdominals (uhhh, sit-ups), and hip flexors (running, heavy cleans, and murph). I’m here to tell you… it’s okay to take a couple of days off, recoup and come back feeling recharged. Just be sure two days doesn’t turn into three or four. Get some good sack time, eat well, and relax. Your body will thank you. Be sure and get some active stretching in during the day to release those contracted muscles. Oh, and FGB on Saturday!!!

  9. Tim Keefe :

    Funny this post comes up today as I cannot straighten my arms and have not been able to for two days now thanks to Monday’s WOD. I have not been this sore from a WOD in months. Any ideas on how I can get rid of the alligator arms I have going right now?

  10. Michael :

    Your post had me in laughing – my arms are the same. I’m going to blame it on the Monday’s predecessor – Murph! I’ve been thinking about a hot tub – maybe the time has come! Followed by a message over at Heritage College.

  11. Elizabeth :

    Seriously!!!? FGB and Murph in the same week! You are masochists. Still can’t stretch my arms out without excrutiating pain. granted I did Murph on Tuesday but still!

  12. Elizabeth :

    Oh yeah… 5 2/3 rounds prescribed.

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