"Fifty in the clip"

For time:

50 Burpee clean and jerks 75# (55#)

Post time and thoughts to comments.

Thanks to Zac from CF Santa Cruz Central for the WOD.


Joylyn with a 303# PR 1RM deadlift.  We're excited to see what the future has in store.

A note on soreness…

We've all been there: you head into the gym for another workout that stirs the butterflies in your stomach because you know this one's going to be tough.  You throw your heart and soul into the workout and finish with a time that you're super excited with.  You know the pain is coming, but when? 

It seems that it's the fast moving, multi-joint movements that involve a larger range of motion (think: thrusters) that really cause this "delayed onset muscle soreness".  You'll usually experience mild soreness as early as 8 hours after the workout and having the discomfort peak within 24-48 hours.  Yep, you've damaged your muscle fibers and the pain is the proof.  You've temporarily lost a little a muscle function and strength.

Is this what you should feel like after a CrossFit workout?  To a degree, yes.  Early on while your body is getting used to incorporating constantly varied, fast, multi-joint, full range of motion movements, it is continually adapting (i.e. getting stronger).  The broad, general, and inclusive nature of CrossFit will test this adaptational response more than any fitness program out there – preparing you better for anything, including recovery

So what do I do to reduce severe delayed onset muscle soreness?  Avoid it!  Take your time and apply intensity gradually over time.  Soon, your body will be ready for the greater demand having faced these challenges before.  After experiencing this soreness once, you'll take my advice in the future – it's no fun struggling to get out of bed.

Do squats leave you as sore as they used to?  How about virtual shoveling?  Post thoughts on the matter to comments.

(Adapted from Tony Webster's article in Nov. 08 CFJ.)


  1. Jared :

    I liked Zac for a little while. At least things stay exciting around here.

  2. Matt :

    True enough and it looks like this one might be done with snow on the ground. I’m convinced that we have the toughest athletes around… I’m pretty sure any CrossFit gym would agree.

  3. Cassandra :

    I was so bummed I couldn’t make it past all the CRAZY people on the road this morning. I did come home and shovel the driveway and the walks. (Something I have NEVER done before) Not exactly burpees, but I was tired afterwards.

  4. Anna :

    At 1930 tonight, the weather ought to be NICE!!! Joylyn, I have never met you, but nice work yesterday, that is a lot of weight! Matt you better step it up, she is gonna smoke ya. HE he. Anyhow see yall tonight!

  5. Kiley :

    Joylyn great job yesterday – it looks so effortless for you!!

  6. Cherie :

    We missed you today, but are glad you got a functional workout in 🙂 c-

  7. Matt :

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure Joylyn has another 50lbs she could add to that bar. Not kidding.
    Cass, glad to hear functional fitness is helping on the homefront.
    Kiley, I heard you were sick this morning… but still made it in. CF is like crack, eh?!?
    Tonight is supposed to be like 65 degrees, so it should be perfect burpee weather.

  8. Matt :

    “Fifty in the Clip”
    Matt 5:25 95#
    Cherie 12:13 65#
    Anthony 9:24 95#
    Whoa, that was tough. Pushups out of the burpee were the hardest for me.

  9. Anna :

    65 degrees huh?
    …..Where in pheonix?

  10. Matt :

    Ah, just wishful thinking. By the time you’re done with the WOD, it’ll feel 65 🙂
    Did anyone have an answer to today’s question?
    Do squats leave you as sore as they used to? How about virtual shoveling?

  11. Amy :

    No. Squats do not leave me a sore. Dead lifts do, however.

  12. Emmalee Moore :

    Cherie I found the Denver Post Picture here is the URL from today!

  13. Cherie here is the photo from the post, i found it already! It’s under Colorado life: Snow in Denver

  14. Joylyn :

    Thanks to y’all for the props–but I’m pretty sure I only deadlifted so much weight because my legs were numb by that point! I’m a little sore today, but not bad. It’s amazing what just a couple weeks of regular crossfit workouts with y’all do for me–I love it. We got our rings up at the station today–not looking forward to practice, but we did play dodgeball with the medicine balls.

  15. Joylyn :

    That is a GREAT pic of you Emmalee! Strong work!

  16. Matt :

    Awesome pic!!! CFV’s first celeb!
    Ring dips, muscle ups, ring push ups, ring pull ups, ring knees to elbows,… handstands? Two circles, so many options.

  17. Kiley :

    I love it…..Only crossfiters would think of playing dodgeball w/ medicine balls!!

  18. Jared :

    I am so happy, I finally finished my idea about the CFV logo. Here is the first draft that looks decent. Let me know what you guys think:

  19. Cassandra :

    Now I am really bummed, I could have been in the paper too!!! Nice pic Emmalee!

  20. WOD
    Kiley 10:39 30#
    Cheresa 14:53 45#
    Ben 16:52
    Emmalee 14:23
    Dan 6:40 95#
    Jared 10:47
    Anna 12:46 65#
    Elements #1
    5rds: 400m run, 50 squats
    Jake 25:50
    Chelsea 21:38
    John 7:49
    Nice everybody. It was cold and these times are great, including Jake, Chelsea, and John’s times. Check out for a video from our neighbors, front range crossfit.

  21. Jared, I love it! I see a t shirt in the making.

  22. cherie :

    squats – NO
    virtual shoveling – Yes

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