Thursday 120329

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3

Power snatch, 95# (65#)
2 for 1 Wallballs, 20# (14#)

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How does the world define Physical fitness? 

Websters defines physical fitness as;
1. The quality or state of being fit. 2. The capacity of an organism to survive and transmit its genotype to reproductive offspring as compared to competing organisms. 

Wikipedia defines Physical fitness as;
1. A general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition

Exercise Physiology: Theory and application to fitness and performance, 5th addition a current text defines Physical fitness as;
1. A broad term describing healthful levels of cardiovascular function, strength and flexibility; fitness is specific to the activities performed.

Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 8th edition:

1.The ability to carry out daily tasks with alertness and vigor, without undue fatigue, and with enough energy reserve to meet emergencies or to enjoy leisure time pursuits.
I went through and searched many more resources for the definition of fitness.  I found some better then others, a few included at least eight skills, many used the three seen in the definition above.  One even used the ability to do work.  I tried to wrap my head around what they all meant.  I imagined I was a alien and, was given all the definitions I found.  My conclusion was that fitness is living without pain, without daily fatigue and in the absence of disease.  If I could do that everyday I would be a fit alien.  But that really still didn’t tell me much? It seems to this alien that fitness is much like love or happiness, unexplainable unless you experience it? Is this true?  Is fitness a state of being much like love, and happiness?  I can to a certain extent, control love and happiness, like I can control fitness.  Choices I make everyday determine my fitness, as well as my happiness and love.  Are there conclusive tests you can run to see if people have love or happiness as there are for fitness? 
The big difference I see is measurement.  How do you accuratly measure ones love and happiness against themselves at a previous time or others?  I don’t know that you can in an observable and repeatable way. Fitness on the other hand we can measure.  So let’s look at the definitions I found and see what measurements we could take? One; being absent of pain and disease? Okay, I agree a fit person must be that, but I would disagree that is adequate.  Two; the state of being fit? Yes that is measurable but you have to actually define fit to know what that means. You can’t define a word with itself. Three; a general state of good health? How do we measure that? I feel healthy so I must be fit? Four; healthful levels of cardiovascular function, strength and flexibility.  What are healthful levels of those skills and isn’t there more too it then that?
While I maybe confused as an alien looking in, I am not confused as a human on this planet.  Fitness is my ability to increase my ability to do work, all kinds of work, in all kinds of situations, at all time durations and to continue to increase this throughout my life.  How do I measure that?  I PR’d on my snatch the other day, I can now lift 130# overhead in one swift movement as compared to 125# (or compared to 65# when I started this adventure).  That is only ONE way I can measure it.
Knowing your capabilities is an important and crucial element to understanding your fitness and whether or not you are achieving a greater level of fitness every day, every month and every year.  Without measurement, we have generic definitions with no tangible meaning.  Fitness is not a state of the mind such as love and happiness.  Fitness is a science and must be measured as such


  1. Jeremy :

    Couldn’t agree more with all that was so accurately stated above. I completed G.I. Jane a full minute and 8 seconds faster than last time (12/5/11). Something’s working…

  2. David S :

    7:21 RX

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