Thursday 091224

At home holiday WOD for time:

100 Walking lunges

50 Chest slapping push-ups

100 Squats

Post time to comments.


Gerson and Tiffany representing Verve at the 2009 CrossFit Games affiliate cup?  

The 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectionals registration is open. There is a good possibility that registration will sell out within a few days.  If you plan to compete, and we hope you do, the time to register is now.  Don't let March creep up and be the one wishing you had registered.

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test to determine the fittest man and woman.  The two-day competition tests athlete’s ability to perform in all areas of fitness in a format that is unknown to the athlete until a few days prior.  The road to the CrossFit Games begins with the CrossFit Sectionals, moves on to the Regional Games, and then finally the CrossFit Games.

The top 30 male and 30 female athletes of the CrossFit Sectionals are awarded spots at the CrossFit Regionals.  The top four male and four female athletes of the CrossFit Regionals will go on to the CrossFit Games in Aromas, California in the summer of 2010.  Registration for the sectionals is open to athletes of all levels.

We hope you will consider competing in the CrossFit Sectionals.  This is a great two-day event where you can test your abilities and feed off the adrenaline of a motivating community of athletes.  You just may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

CrossFit Verve will be hosting the Mountain Sectionals this year on March 20-21, 2010. 
Colorado State Patrol Academy 15055 South Golden Road, Golden, CO 80401
States: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

If competing isn't your thing, consider registering to be a volunteer.  Verve will be looking for volunteers to assist us on both days of the events. 


  1. Elizabeth :

    You guys rock! Thanks for the home WOD! Have a great holiday everyone and let’s get ready to rock the new year!!

  2. I want to know…..
    Who registered?

  3. Emmalee :

    I did! I did!

  4. Cherie :

    So far we’ve heard from:
    Emmalee, Joylyn, Mas, Andy, Josh, Anna and Myself. Any others registered?
    Happy Holidays

  5. Stef :

    Home WOD, thank God!!! And, I would’ve registered if I could’ve used the last 5 months getting stronger. (dang it) I want to compete. Fun!
    7:52 for today… no chest slapping for Stef. Holler.

  6. Alan :

    I plan on being your busiest volunteer! Unless you feel we have to compete at sectionals to try out for the affiliate team??? 😉

  7. Joylyn :

    Thanks for the home/station WOD! Crew is gonna tackle it this afternoon. Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. Emmalee :

    11:26, chest slapper push ups got brutal at the end! Thanks!!!

  9. Merry Christmas all!
    Tiff you’re a badass. Never forget it!

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