Three rounds for time:

400m run

21 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Stef, so proud.

What's so great about all these "girls?"  They are time tested classics that have proven to be both fun and painful.  At first glance, most look managable… even easy.  But, we have all learned the errors of our ways by thinking any CF WOD is going to be easy.  Put on your game face, its go time!


  1. Alan :

    Damn, I hate that I’m going to miss Helen!!! No…Really!

  2. I believe it… you can always do it at 6’s – there is a pull up bar, 24kg KB, and a rower. Sub a 500m row for full effect.
    Great job with Fran today everyone. Very good first effort… I’m totally confident that as we incorporate more pull-ups, you’ll see dramatic changes in time of completion.
    We’re also trying something else new; if you’d like to see results from the previous day’s WOD, stop in and check out the whiteboard or the logbook. We will keep ALL logbooks in the gym at ALL times. If you ever have a question about someone’s time, feel free to look through the book.
    Hand care… don’t forget… hand care.

  3. Sarah :

    I miss the online results! You know I would stop by every day if I could… but I’m limited to the website!

  4. Anna :

    UGGHHH!!! Pullups again! My hands are going to fall apart!!!
    So does this mean that we will not see our times posted at the end of the day on the website? I like being able to compare times and see how all are doing. It is encouraging and a challenge for me, I look forward to the times posted on the next WOD! Just my thoughts.

  5. Anna :

    AHA!!! Alan you should do the WOD! I love you!!!

  6. Joylyn :

    Stef–you are such a goofball, you always make me laugh.
    I’m sad to miss Helen too! Although my hands and shoulders are NOT! We’ll do ring work instead at the station.
    Have fun everyone–kick it!

  7. Alan :

    Helen subbing rows for running! HA! Who wants to do that? I’ll drive down 160th and mark off 1/4 mile before I do that! LOL

  8. I have a couple of comments!!!! To those awesome Verve people that showed up last Friday for the Century…You guys rock!!!! Cherie what time is dinner going to be Friday night? The new place looks awesome. You folks at Verve are very lucky to have awesome people like that guy and Cherie!!!!!!

  9. Matt :

    Craig, thanks it was fun. We’re thinking dinner at 7pm… does that work for you?
    Joylyn, don’t over-do it on the rings today, you’ll thank me tomorrow.
    To the whole world: I have been feeling really shitty the last couple of months. I played with a lot of variables, including reassigning blocks, cutting out energy drinks, limiting my peanut butter intake (that was the hardest), taking time off from working out, so on and so on. Guess what it was – sleep. I wasn’t getting enough good sleep time.
    I PR’d on Helen today and I’m super happy about it. Back on track. I’m off to bed for a mid-day nap. See ya!

  10. luke :

    A nap?! Sleepin on the job . . . stinkin firefighters. Good job on your PR Matt. I PR’d on Fran today (4:36), so good stuff all around. I’m not nearly as buff as Stef, but maybe, someday, I will be.

  11. Mark :

    Out in Oregon for a couple days, did the grizzly bear complex (10 double unders, 10 grizzly bear complex’s and then 200m sprint uphill X’s 4) with some Oregon crossfiter’s today…see you all next week!

  12. JaRed :

    I want January Highlights!

  13. Amy :

    Maybe we can share posting the times? I don’t mind doing it on the days I work out…..I certainly love being able to check the times online but I also can also understand that Matt and Cherie could probably use a break…..even ol’ Chuck Norris gets tired from time to time….
    And Stef, whoa! Those are some strong looking guns you got going on there. Jealous? I certainly should be!

  14. Sara Weisbart :

    So, just wanted to tell everyone a funny story…
    Dan does Crossfit in his sleep!…The other night, it went like this:
    Dan (while sleeping): “CHERIE!!!, we need another pullup band!”
    …..pause (probably getting an answer from Cherie)
    “No no no…. no no no……no no no no….no no no…..we got it”
    Then he did a grabbed me and used me as a barbell to do a sumo-dead lift high pull! Ha ha. Just kidding! But he was having a conversation with Cherie in his sleep! It was hilarious. The no’s were very animated.

  15. tiff :

    hilarious story sara! gotta love the crossfit dreams…i woke up a couple of times doing frantic sit ups in bed when i first started. yeah…..
    i have to chime in with the online posting folks! i check the website every night to see how the group did as a whole, and have been missing the post lots… i also wouldn’t mind assisting in that dept if it would be helpful!
    i FINALLY will have my car back tomorrow AND parent teacher conference week is OVER….yessssssss….. can’t wait to be back at verve!
    dan….first i’ve heard of your upcoming adventures!! hope you have an AMAZING time!
    now, i’m off to for some mir-a-cure and collapse into my bed for some shut eye.
    happy almost friday!

  16. Joylyn :

    Sheesh, I miss you all today! Those rings were hurting me today, so I called it early. I like the online posting too, and I’ll throw my hat in to help too. Shoot, I’ll even throw Mas in to help (insert evil laugh here).
    Matt, you might as well get extra sleep now while you can.
    Sara, that IS a funny story! Crossfit nightmares all around.
    Speaking of all that sleep talk, I’m gonna try and turn in early. Sweet dreams!

  17. cherie :

    I love all the posts and opinions. Dan, be safe while you are traveling.
    We are totally up for peeps posting the results. Any more thoughts on the results posting? Anyone that does not like their times posted?
    I can’t say I’ve ever had any CF nightmares. I have however, woken up and not been able to move.
    Luke you did awesome on Fran today, nice work.
    Have a great weekend everyone and don’t be too hard on Anthony while we are away.
    Be back Monday.
    Jared all we were waiting for was your demand, the pic’s will be up this weekend.

  18. James :

    Helen: 12:22, beat PR of 12:52 done 11/18, sub DB for kettlebell
    I’ll second all those who like to check the online postings. I’d offer to help, but I’m notoriously unreliable at stuff like that. So I’ll offer Mas as well.
    And matt, you’ll find that you’ll long for those days of six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Naps are a useful sub, though.

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