Snatch 85% of 1RM, 3×3 reps

Followed by;

100 Pull-ups for time

Every minute on the minute, you must stop and complete 12 box jumps.  You may resume pull-ups as soon as you've completed 12 box jumps.  Time stops when you've completed 100 pull-ups.

Post time to comments.


Congratulations Hillary on completing your first triathlon this last weekend.

The nutrition challenge is well underway.  Spice it up a bit by buying something different today.  Buy something you wouldn't normally eat.  We bought a pomegranate, now what do we do with it?

Check out this cool video on the psychology of CrossFit.  If you have a journal subscription log-in and see the whole 12 minute interview with Coach Glassman.
Download CFJournal_Glassman_PsychologyCrossFitTrailer.wmv (30817.5K)


  1. Danimal :

    everybody shave your callouses, this one looks like a doosey.

  2. Holly :

    It was a doosey this morning! Completely different for me to be at the 6am and not the 4:30….I kept thinking that this was the last stop of the day, and then had a reality check that I have 8 more hours of work left!
    Good job to everyone at the 6am class!

  3. This will be interesting with my little healing rip I’ve already got. Toughen up soldier!!!

  4. Matt :

    If you have rips or are afriad that you might rip, consider wearing tape straps. Stop by the grocery store and pick up some athletic tape and give this a shot:

  5. Shelby :

    Hil, Your such a Bad Ass!! I am totally going to post this photo next to maid of honor in my wedding program. Kidding! But I am so proud of you and your amazing week of catching spleens (and children), running triathalons, picking out dresses, and making meatloaf (zone meatloaf of course). Love you!!!!

  6. Derek :

    Today’s workout was an absolute killer!! I am still worn out from the noon class! Good job Cherie, Elizabeth and Rachel! This one really hit me hard, but I feel stronger for pushing through it,and that’s what it is all about right.

  7. Rachel :

    Whew! It was hard today, but I agree Derek, pushing through it makes you feel better! Got a nice rip on my right hand…nothing compared to Elizabeth’s though, you go girl! Nice work to everybody at the noon class!!

  8. Ouch. Made sure to get grips ahead of time. Do not need reasons to not do a workout. I have to say, definitely helped me bust this out. My box jumps suffered b/c I was dying… add those to the list of things I need to work on outside of scheduled gym time!
    Awesome job 4:30 WOD’ers!
    All, just a reminder: Party at my house on August 29th, 4pm. Address is 1239 Vivian Street, Lkwd, 80401. If you have special alcohol desires (other than basic beer), bring it. Also, I’m providing meat to grill. Matt will be mentioning that this is going to also be a zone potluck as well. There will be non-Ververs (sinners) there as well. It’s a combo deal of sorts!
    Stay tuned!
    Maybe this link to the Evite will work:

  9. Danimal :

    Cat, I can’t wait to get down with the get down at your place. I hear it’ll be some good company too! 😀

  10. It’s going to be fun!

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