85% of 1RM
then. . . 
40 seconds on, 20 seconds off:
Push Press (45% of 1 rm)
KB Swings 24# (16#)

Repeat this cycle 5 times with no rest in between cycles. Your goal is max reps within 40 seconds, with the lowest number of the 5 cycles being your score.  Each cycle is three minutes in length and there is no rest other than the 20 sec between exercises.

Post reps to comments.
Karl getting some air during his elements.
This Saturday at noon we're hosting another "Get in the Zone" workshop at Verve.  Whether you're new to the Zone or have lost steam (and results), this is a great opportunity to get dialed in for the first day of the "Zone/Real Food Challenge."  We will introduce you to the Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of a sound long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).  We'll also build a day's worth of meals and discuss how to make the most of every meal.
On the topic of nutrition, check out this cool new blog from Aly Young (Daughter of Sherry and sister of Jared and Dan) Aly Food DetectiveHave a favorite blog or website that you frequent? Share in comments (keep it clean people).  Do you twitter? Let us know.


  1. Catherine :

    OK, was planning on chilling out on the posts today. OH well.
    GO KARL! Good air!
    So a friend from Cville pointed me to this article on CrossFit:

  2. Holly :

    I’m pretty bummed that I’m going to again miss another workout today. I’m sick as hell and was looking forward to todays wod! 🙁
    Post some inspiration on here guys!!

  3. Anna :

    So in the WOD today what is BP?

  4. Matt :

    Manda and I are visiting crossfit Chicago today. Bummed I’m missing some bench press

  5. Derek :

    Today’s workout was awesome, really tough by round 3 for me, I hit a wall for sure. I hate box jumps. Love the strength training before the workout. Awesome!

  6. Luke :

    I have a nutrition question. I was looking at the ingredients in several kinds of loaves of bread today (simply for my own edification, certainly not because I was having PB&J cravings), checking for wheat gluten. Of course, they all contained it. One however, had “organic” wheat gluten. Does this mean it’s less processed? Does this mean it’s more tolerable for our systems? Or is gluten simply gluten? Keep saying the word gluten. It starts to sound funny. Gluten. Gluten. . .
    Any thoughts?

  7. Cherie :

    Gluten, Gluten, Gluten Gluten is Gluten. The organic is a way to get you to spend more money. Would you be inclined to buy organic twinkies? They are still sugar and cause metabolic derangment, insulin resistance and diabetes. However, these twinkies are made with sugar that was farmed with minimal processing and no (non organic) pesticided. Gluten, Gluten, Gluten. Starts to sound like gut rotting!
    4:30 class Rip quotes I love
    “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general”.
    “Training is a process, not the events of one day.”
    “I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice.”
    Just a few ….

  8. JaRed :

    Holy Crap! Those quotes are amazing! Thank you for sharing CC!

  9. Chris :

    mmm organic twinkies….
    I like that strong people are harder to kill one, I actually laughed out loud!

  10. Erin :

    Luke–you should know better than to set yourself up like that! CC reads these posts and will (and did) crush your feeble attempts at trying to make something we know we shouldn’t eat into something that maybe…just maybe…we could eat?!?!
    Gotta love Cherie burstin’ your bubble like that! 🙂 Nice try tho!

  11. Luke :

    🙂 Hey, it was an honest question. And my PB&J craving was fierce.

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