Back squat 85% 1RM, 3 sets of 3 reps

Rest 5-10 minutes, then:

Run 5k

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Compare to: March 15th, 2009

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Coach Ripp shows us the basics of the back squat.

This Sunday at 1pm we're hosting another "Get in the Zone" workshop at Verve.  Whether you're new to the Zone or have lost steam (and results), this is a great opportunity to get dialed in before the "Zone/Real Food Challenge."  We will introduce you to the Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of a sound long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).  We'll also build a day's worth of meals and discuss how to make the most of every meal.

Bring a fold up chair and a snack if you plan on working out beforehand.  Don't forget a notepad and a pen!

Hike/Camp Longs Peak with Fellow Verve Athletes  

Organized by Erin Johnson 303-726-5521 Meet at the Verve Monday, August 3rd at Noon Return Tuesday, August 4th in the evening

Meet up with fellow Verve athletes (non Verve athletes welcome) for a night of camping and a day of hiking Longs Peak just outside Rocky Mountain National forrest.  If you have not done this hike before it is the end-all be-all of 14ers.  You will camp Monday night at Olive ridge, the fee for camping is $30 and will be split by all hikers.  Wake up time is 2am to start the assent.  The goal will be to reach the peak by noon, before the afternoon showers make hiking less fun and more dangerous.  The trail is a strenuous 16 miles round trip so you must come prepared.  Check this link for trip detailsWater, sunscreen, sun glasses, rain coat, stable shoes, and  wicking clothes are very important.

Should be a blast, contact Erin for more details or post to comments.


  1. Mas and Joylyn :

    What??? No monster hill and poison ivy for the run??? I feel like we are cheating ourselves.

  2. Matt :

    I’ll be hiding during several parts of the run waiting to hit you with odd objects and trinkets and things. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you guys.

  3. Danimal :

    Matt is such a sweet heart the way he thinks of us like that. lol

  4. Cherie :

    James –
    Power output is important and a great measure. However, as you have pointed out work capacity is the balance. CrossFit claims to be the program that increases your work capacity over broad time and modial domains – right. In order to do that we must also be looking at work capacity or as in your example joules. We must train in all pathways inorder to increase work capacity. Cindy is not meant to train at 45 sec it is meant to train in the 20 minute. 45 sec is not increasing that work capacity of “Cindy”. Cindy is a time priority workout not a work priority.
    Make sense?
    Hope this helps.

  5. Cherie :

    footnote: by design Fran is meant to train in the 5 minute window not 15.

  6. Cherie :

    Sorry can’t stop thinking –
    If all we were concerned about was power output we would only ever do things like 1rm of deadlift. tons of power out not increasing WC over BT and MD’s

  7. Szabo :

    Is there a cost associated with the zone workshop on Sunday to non-members?

  8. Erin :

    Don’t let that Szabo guy in!!! Charge him!!! Just kidding! 🙂 Come work out with us Szabo! EJ

  9. Matt :

    Nope… free class. Come one, come all. If you want to workout, on the other hand, there is a drop in fee.

  10. James :

    Cherie, are you saying that I shouldn’t think of Fran as “21-15-9 thrusters and pullups,” but more, ” generate as much power as possible in 5 minutes using thrusters and pullups?”. So someone with a sub-3 Fran would scale up to generate more power and fit into that five minute time frame?

  11. Gerson M :

    No Bueno No Bueno Erin! I was hoping to hike Longs Peak but I’m working on the 3rd n 4th… well ya’ll have fun but don’t be surprised to see bumper plates rollin’ down the mtn!

  12. Anna :

    Yeah I can’t make it either I work as well Erin, but I believe Alan is going. So take care of him for me don’t let him wander off and get eaten by bears, Oh My!

  13. Matt :

    Hey, just out of curiosity…
    How many of you PR’d yesterday on Fran? Post if you did.

  14. Erin :

    Sorry Gerson and Anna! I had to pick a day and the weekday is easier for crowd reasons…and I know a lot of people can’t do weekdays…so I am sorry to exclude you! We will do more 14’ers…summer isn’t over yet!
    Matt–I P.R’d on Fran yesterday with 6:31 (I think it was 6:30 something-can’t remember exactly–Cherie please correct me if I’m wrong!)

  15. Joylyn :

    Erin–Mas and I are in for Long’s and camping, soooooo looking forward to it. If only our beloved dog packs could go, bummer.
    Szabo–we know him too = trouble. j/k. you should come check it out!
    PR’d on Fran yesterday at 6:35, improved by almost a minute and half. Insane I tell you, with plenty of room for improvement on those pullups. At work for almost 4 days straight, yuck. Any other lifting wods, please send my way….the gym is thata way.

  16. Gerson M :

    It’s all good Erin, 14er some other day… I PR’d fran as well… I can’t remembered if my previous time was 10-13 minutes, I competed fran in 8 min and some odd seconds. It defiantly not over fran n theres only one way and that’s up baby!!!!

  17. tiff :

    i’m in for longs. sounds great!
    Fran was 7:03 Rx

  18. Mas :

    My previous Fran time was 10:34. I did yesterday In 6:12. I think. I know it was under 6:30

  19. Erin :

    SWEET!! So excited for Long’s! Yeah Mas, Joylyn and Tiff! Anyone else planning on coming? Let me know as soon as possible. Trying to figure out camping areas on Monday. Yes, it is very sad we cannot bring our furry beasts on this climb. Big bummer!
    I am with you Joylyn–at work for 48 then 24 off then another 36 hours. Ugh.
    Anna I will be sure to take care of Alan and not feed him to any bears! 🙂
    Today’s WOD:
    5k run on the dreaded treadmill!
    25:11 on sore Fran legs…ouch
    Did DL’s after the run. oops.
    195# 3 sets of 3
    As Luke would say. WORD.

  20. Sherry :

    I’d Love to hike and look forward to future hikes (not on work days.) Thanks for creating it, and let us know when another is calendared.
    Fran: I came down almost 2 minutes from 11:20 to 9:32. Still have a ways to go…

  21. Sherry :

    Hey! Look at the dead guy in the video clip. He’s laying on the weights, on the right side of the video. ;-P
    Does CR do that to people???

  22. Alan :

    You know I’m in Erin!
    I did PR as well on Fran, but I have mixed emotions about the scaling. I used 40-50% of my max PP, which only put me at “the girls weight” 65#, instead of 95#. I did go from 7:32 to 4:57! I also felt as if I got a much better workout. I didn’t have to break up the thrusters. With the 95# weight I could only do smaller sets (sets of 5 or so). With the scaled weights it was much more of a higher intensity workout doing the thrusters and pull-ups with no breaks!

  23. Alan :

    DAMN IT I hate that I am at work today guys!!! The 5k looks fun on a new route! Wish I were there!

  24. James :

    PR here by 3 and a half minutes.
    Perhaps the fact that you’re doing girls’ weight should tell you something, Alan. 😉
    Can I scale the 5K by running a mile?

  25. Joylyn :

    Erin, there will still be furry beasts at the hike…after all, Mas is going! Whaaaaa?
    Haha Mas, that’s for your lil hooker comment.
    Alan, I wish you could do the 5k for me too.
    Good observation Sherry!
    Alas no treadmill so I will bumper out a Zac drill…update to follow later.

  26. Matt :

    335#/”Fran” 2:29 rx’d
    PR Bitches!!!

  27. Matt :

    Alan, don’t listen to James’ comments – it’s his attempt at humor (James… that’s why people don’t want to scale).
    What you described is exactly the response we were looking for by scaling the load to 40-50% of 1RM PP. You were able to apply more intensity to the WOD.
    Using the calculator (estimating your height at 72″ weight at 175#) your new Fran time was done with .21 HP. Whereas your last one was .16 HP (w/95#).
    The point of all the strength training we’re doing is to get you up to heavier loads (increased work capacity = joules) while maintaining the intensity you’re practicing now by scaling. Wait six weeks… maybe we’ll see “Fran” and a few others again.

  28. Derek :

    This has been a really tough week lots of squats and running! I was glad to do better than I thought I would in the 5k today, it was tough but I am glad have a benchmark to improve on. Congrats to everyone who made new PR yesterday!

  29. Jeff McD :

    Dang you all are tearin it up!!!
    Matt did you move at light speed? I can’t even get outta bed that fast! Congrats to you and all the PR’s.
    Here is limited to what they make me run the platoon as a set PT schedule w/ certain requirements. Wed we ran 6 miles in our boots and utes (trousers) and I completed it in 53 mins. It’s like having 4# weight on each foot doing this.
    Today we did various exercises and I made them do burpees and man did they enjoy them. They liked how they weren’t the usual Marine Corps exercises.
    Miss the gym and the community, I leave next Friday (cross my fingers) and will arrive in Iraq the following week.
    Take care everyone!

  30. Jake :

    congrats Matt I am glad I was there to watch that… blazing!!!
    30 muscle ups -17:17 so excited! goal #3-check.

  31. Mas :

    Jake!! That is badass! Great job on the muscle ups.

  32. Catherine :

    5k was not my best performance… Like Derek said, now I have a time laid down to improve upon. It was HOT! at the Noon class. Mega stinky and sweaty times.
    Glad I did it though! Tomorrow is a rest day. I think my dogs can sense my fatigue, they look tired on my behalf. hehe. Good dogs…

  33. Donna :

    Did the 5K, though my time is too embarrassing to post. Using my low standards, just doing the run (unsupervised), not stopping for the ice cream truck that passed me twice, and not stopping at all (save the light at Federal) makes me a big WINNER.

  34. Cherie :

    Hilarious – the ice cream truck would have been a tough one for me to pass up:)

  35. Alan :

    Matt, thanks for the encouraging words. Point well taken! Oh, just a slight error in your calculations….175lbs!!!! Ha! That was before you taught me Zone! I am a cut little 165’er now! LOL

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