Thursday 100203

For time:

1 Power clean & jerk, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

2 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

3 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"


10 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

Post time and thoughts to comments.


What's better than a group of energetic women???  A group of energetic women head to toe in lululemon.  Meet the lulu crew.

Wow!  Have we ever gotten busy!  We are so happy that so many Denverites are taking control of their fitness and have decided that CrossFit Verve is their choice for attaining an elite level of fitness.  However, because of our choice to keep our class size small – ensuring you get personal attention in each and every class, classes are filling up fast.  That's why we've closed our membership to new members and have started a waiting list.

I know, this is a bummer for all your friends that want to join RIGHT NOW, but it benefits you – the athlete being trained.  In order to facilitate our current athlete's demands, we are going to add two additional classes per week and see what kind of response we get.  Starting next week we'll have an 11:30am and 12:30pm class on Tuesday and Thursday.  If these classes fill up to capacity, we'll consider adding them all week long.

Remember, when you sign up for a class – GO!  If you need to cancel, our policy is 12 hours in advance, so that your buddies have an opportunity to attend.  If you are having trouble getting into a class, sign up a little further in advance.  When you pay for a month, you have the ability to sign up for a whole month's worth of classes.  Again, be considerate of your CrossFittin' comrades!

We're so happy to have you guys!!!


  1. Sara W :

    Man does this workout sound fun! Time to shave the callouses…

  2. Courtney :

    What does the dashed line mean? Is that a rest between the 1:1 and 10:1? (just want to make sure I do this right) 🙂

  3. Matt :

    It’s a ladder from 1 c&j to 10 c&j’s w/ 1 round of Cindy between each… Yikes… It’s going to be a smoker.

  4. Courtney :

    rrriiggghhtttt. . . well then I definitely did that wrong. 🙂

  5. AmySchaeffer :

    It’s so cool how big our army has gotten!!
    Also, just to be clear, the trial classes on Tuesday/ Thursday next week are in place of the noon WOD. Instead of a 12 pm class there will be an 11:30 am and a 12:30 pm class?
    Can’t wait for today’s WOD! Hopefully I can get in!

  6. My body told me to cancel for today and come back again tomorrow. Spent! Had to ice my left quad last night. Sucks to have to back out of a workout but I’d rather return tomorrow in a better place than to get injured and be out for way longer. PFFT!!!!

  7. Joe :

    That was really harsh this morning… thanks to Cherie and the rest of the 6am class for pushing me today. I think I’ve finally stopped sweating (it’s almost 1100).

  8. Carly Gralak :

    Chris, Cherie & Luke: Thanks for a butt-whooping class yesterday morning!!! The lulu gals are hurting (a good hurt of course) today. We’ll be seeing you soon 🙂

  9. Holly :

    OMG! This morning was brutal, but much needed. Great job 7am class! There were points in this WOD that I had to struggle with my inner voice to not drop weight and keep going. Feels awesome!

  10. stef :

    holy crap… I just realized what the whole WOD is for today. W.o.w. I’ll feel walking tomorrow, just a feeling.

  11. JenB :
  12. Julian :

    Did this workout over at CrossFit801 today and it was pretty brutal…

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