Thursday 100218

Complete 10 minutes with perfect form:

5 Power cleans, 155#/110#

10 Pull-ups

Scale load to accommodate perfect mechanics.  Pull-ups will be performed chin over bar, with chin breaking the plane in front of bar.

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Competition plates for the upcoming Mountain Sectionals.  Pretty rad! 

The 30 day Paleo Challenge is here!

Starting Feburary 22nd and ending March 23rd, CrossFit Verve will be conducting another Paleo Challenge.  Now is the time to get on board with your nutrition!  The Paleo Challenge will consist of 30 days of eating: lean meats, nuts and seeds, vegetables, some fruits, little starch and NO SUGAR.  You've all heard this before and many of you wear it proudly on the back of your sweatshirts.  Well, now is the time to act.

Eat NONE of the following:
Grains – including bread, pasta, noodles, beans, potatoes, dairy (excluding eggs), sugar, and salt.
Eat ALL of the following:
Meat – all sorts of meat.  Eat beef, game, poultry, fish, and eggs.  Eat fresh vegetables and fruit.  Eat lots of avocado, nuts (excluding peanuts or cashews).
Record your intake:
Keep a daily food journal, this time we're serious!  We will need this e-mailed to us once a week on Friday.  E-mail to and put "I am a caveperson" in the subject line.  You can also bring this into the gym.
Record your measurements:
Get weighed and measured.  A measuring tape is at the gym.  We need; weight, hips (at biggest part of rump), height (let's hope you don't shrink), wrist, and waist (at your belly button).
Get a before and after photo:
A Camera is at the gym, so get this done ASAP.  You must have shirt off, front view, side view and back view.  Your whole body must be in the picture. 
Remain on a strict Paleo diet:
You must be strict for 29 days and 22 hours.  You have a 2 hour window anywhere in the 30 days to cheat.  These 2 hours are consecutive and must not be broken up. 

To be successful, start by emptying your cupboards of all processed junk so as not to be surrounded by it.  Mark your calendar for a nutrition workshop on Sunday February 28th at 1pm.  Also, find a notebook that promotes the use of a food log.  No matter how good you look, without a log you can't win the grand prizes. 

Entry forms will be at the gym or you can print it here to enter: Download CrossFit Verve Paleo Challenge2.2010 Enteries must be recieved by Monday Feburary 22nd.  

Lastly, we'd like to have two Paleo Potluck's during the month.  Are you up for hosting one?  Post your intentions here!!!


  1. Danimal :

    So much to say here…. sweet plates!!!!, Sweet workout!!!!, Sweet caveman challenge!!! I’m pretty sure its a good thing the 2 hours can’t be broken into 3 minute blocks… 😀

  2. Sara :

    Um, those are pretty much the coolest plates ever!!! Can’t wait to use them. SOO pumped for the Paleo Challenge! Ready to be a serious, hardcore Paleo Cavewoman.

  3. Damon5280 :

    I’d have to agree with everyone else Matt. Those are some DAMN cool plates! Now I’m really sorry I’ll be missing the sectionals.

  4. Catherine :

    Sweet plates!!!

  5. Jack :

    For those of us not looking to loose weight but are looking to increase work capcity across broad time and modals domains, how do we fit into this challenge?

  6. Great question Jack. Check out the Male winner of our last challenge . He won on performance and body changes. He also wasn’t looking to lose weight, but instead saw hugh gains.
    Nat if you’re out there any thoughts?

  7. Jack :

    Fair! Very enticing…

  8. Jeff "CueBall" :

    I’m looking for some clarity on the WODs. How should I be measuring myself on these to log my results?
    I found a “globo gym” on base that will allow me to do “functional fitness” and not CF. If I mention wanting to or doing CF then I cannot workout there, hahaha I love it!!!!

  9. Cherie :

    Jeff – no measuring on form week. All whiteboards at the gym just have names this week. Next week back to logging progress!

  10. Mark :

    Im down to have a Paleo gathering at my house…

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