Thursday 100304

Seven rounds for time:

10 Hang squat cleans, 115#/75#

10 Chest slapping push-ups

Post time to comments.


Kim Brown, back in action! 

All proteins are not created equal.

Obviously, certain cuts of meat have a much higher fat content and therefore more calories ounce for ounce.  Used sparingly, these meats will suffice, but should not be a staple of your diet.  Other protein sources such as fish, eggs, shellfish, poultry, and some dairy (not paleo) should make up the majority of your weekly protein intake.  Save cuts of red meat and pork for when you find yourself eating outside the confines of your kitchen, where options are limited.

Did you know that haddock and ground beef are both approximately 18% protein, yet haddock only has 22 calories/oz, while ground beef contains 80 calories/oz?  And did you know that Icelanders have some of the longest lifespans in the Western world, which may be because their staple protein is cod?  What about lobster?  Not only do you get more of it (1.5oz per block, compared to 1oz of beef or pork per block), but you also get a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids which help decrease inflammation. 

If you are celebrating a special event, or simply have some friends that are begging you to go out to dinner with them, suggest a place that serves fresh fish.  If you don't get buy in from the group, suggest a steakhouse like Texas Roadhouse, where you can get a small cut of high quality of meat ("The 6oz Dallas Fillet") and swap the sides for extra veggies.  Don't let others deter you from your goal. 


  1. James :

    You people already took my milk and my pasta. You’ll have to pry my steak out of my cold dead hand.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    How often should we incorporate red meats like steak in the mix? I ask since in the videos w/ Dr. Sears said that you need them for the essential nutrients in them.

  3. Anna :

    James you are a riot! I agree, a little variety in the meat selection is good, and I love a good steak!

  4. robyn :

    Lookin’ good Kim!! Glad you are back at it.

  5. The dude who took my Splenda will need that steak for the black eye I gave him.

  6. greg b. :

    Anna, by variety did you mean a flank steak then a rib eye then a fillet then a top loin then cube steak…..

  7. Sara Weisbart :

    I had lamb burgers for lunch the other day (which I’m assuming are very low on the protein list)….but they were DELICIOUS! oops.

  8. Uh, just an aside. Today’s workout was a BITCH. Several of us noted that it was far more taxing than it looks on paper. Mother of God!

  9. Nat Ridder :

    Ummmmm….. I have never completed a more deceiving workout. Talk about embracing the suck. MAN WAS THAT FUN!!!!

  10. Amanda K. :

    Agreed! Crazy Brutal WOD.
    Thanks for the Paleo sheet Cherie. My protein and fats were all jacked! Now I can zero in more.

  11. Volunteer Coordinator, Ward :

    Thanks to all who are volunteering for Sectionals. Registration for volunteers is now closed. All those who have sent info…we’ll get back to you next week with some follow-up. Thanks again to all who are signed up to help. We appreciate your time and efforts to make this an awesome event.

  12. Matt :

    Gotta luv chest slapping push-ups… they’re the real deal. All good and then total and complete failure. Slap – ouch.

  13. I’ll argue that if your red meat is grass-fed and grass-finished there is no reason to limit your consumption. Though the added cost and the difficulty in finding it may limit your consumption.

  14. greg b. :

    I wish I had a bigger chest so the push ups today were a little easier.

  15. bk :

    bk as rx’d 12:20

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