Thursday 100318


1000m Row

50 Thrusters, 45#/33#

30 Pull-ups

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Tiffany started Verve 12.2008, Sara started Verve 12.2008.

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Anna started 10.2008, Catherine started 5.2009, Emmalee 11.2008.

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Courtney started 5.2009, Robyn 9.2009, Joylyn 11.2008.

Congratulations goes out to our eight women athletes who are competing this weekend in the Mountain Sectional CrossFit Competition.  We are so proud and excited to cheer you on.  Go forth and embody excellence.

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  1. Cherie :

    I love these women and am so happy to be there to cheer them on!

  2. Dan Y :


  3. Luke :

    Wow, 8 Verve-etts! Had no idea. Very, very cool.

  4. I love Jackie!

  5. Greg B :

    I am inspired by all of the Verve people, these women are some of the best. Kick A$@!

  6. Sarah Levenhagen :

    Kick butt ladies!! I will be there cheering you on!

  7. Jim :

    Best of luck to all the Verve athletes competing this weekend – you guys have trained hard and will do great !!!
    Below is an inspirational clip that I sometimes watch before embarking on something big (races, meetings at work, etc) to get psyched up. (Please note – it does contain one or two vulgarities).

  8. stef :

    These girls are some of my favorites! You’ll all be amazing… I’ll be there yelling for you (gotta yell, too many people to hear yourself, lol).
    AND NICOLE GIBSON, you love jackie?! I almost cried when I saw this. I won’t cherry pick, I’m going… but I might be slightly afraid.

  9. Kim :

    You Vervette’s rock! Congrats and good luck to all Ververs competing. If I don’t make it in person I’ll be cheering you on from home… I’ll be in my own competition with my 2 grandkids which could possibly become a new WOD!

  10. gerson :

    Congrats indeed to all yall!!

  11. Victoria :

    Congrats Girls! You are all so inspirational to me and you have a huge verve family cheering you on. I am heading out on a much needed vaca later today but I will be thinking about everyone of you all weekend. I have NO doubts that you guys will kill it! Wish I could be there to see the other teams cry of fear!!

  12. Clinton :

    Can’t wait to take some photos of these kiss-ass ladies. Goodluck Ladies!

  13. Clinton :

    Opps! 🙂 Kick-ass Ladies, not kiss-ass, sorry :(. Rock It!

  14. Stef – I do love Jackie. Are you coming to the 11:30 or 12:30 workout? I’m coaching. If you’re here, I’ll show you how to become one with Jackie…
    May the Jackie be with you today.

  15. Matt :

    That’s really funny Clinton!!!
    I’m stoked to see these ladies go hard this weekend. It’s always fun to see such great people in action. It’s all about positive energy!!!
    Come one, come all to cheer on our athletes.

  16. melisa :

    Best of Luck Ladies!!!!!!!!!
    You inspire me every WOD and you have helped me celebrate the little milestones I have already reached this first full month of working out at Verve. Thank you! I am sending you all good vibes! Have fun! get pumped and kick some ass!

  17. Joe Cruz :

    Hell yes.
    Good luck all! Unfortunately I’ll be coaching another group of kick-ass ladies at the roller derby this Saturday so I can’t make Sectionals and cheer you guys on… best of luck!

  18. beck :

    those are some fierce lady ninjas!! will be there to cheer you on!

  19. Holly :

    Jackie is a bitch. I’m super proud of myself for not giving in to the urge to cherry pick today’s WOD. Feels great to get my ass kicked!!
    Congrats to all of you ladies, and I can’t wait to cheer you all on this weekend!

  20. Justin :

    The Verve women competitors are awe inspiring in their athletic aptitude, determination, and competitive spirit. You motivate us all to better ourselves. Kick ass this weekend ladies.

  21. HP :

    Can’t wait to see you Ladies in Action, I’ll be yelling for you all. Don’t eat anything funky tomorrow, Get some sleep and breathe you all will do great!!! : ) Holly I’m proud of u… 1st you showed up then conquered that lady bitch & it’s all over….. Nice job!!!

  22. Mas :

    The Vervette’s are going to make you proud Cherie! Now, where did I put that eye black? Good luck Chica and Ladies!

  23. Alan :

    I think you ladies should all go out and get tatoos!!!! (wink wink!)
    Most importantly this weekend HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

  24. You ladies are amazing! Thanks for Rep’in the Verve!

  25. Ververs!! (including those competing in sectionals and not): After Sectionals has wrapped on Sunday, we’re having a get-together at my house (see address) for anybody who would like to come (volunteers/competitors etc…).
    You must provide your own beverage and food (as I am unemployed so…) But I’m more than happy to provide the venue for people to decompress for a bit. My house isn’t very far away from State Patrol (I’m just East of The Mills Shopping Center).
    Don’t forget! I have goats and they’re fun!

  26. btw! 1239 Vivian Street, Lakewood, CO 80401 (720-297-9620)
    Good luck to all at Sectionals! Thanks for all the kind words and guidance. You guys make a huge difference in pushing oneself beyond the limits.

  27. Emmalee :

    Yes thank u all in advance for the cheering!!!! The support is incredible. Thank you.

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