Thursday 100325


5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

On the minute every minute for 30 minutes.

Post rounds complete to comments.

Luke in the middle of the suck cycle

Sectional Highlight Video


  1. Catherine :

    So cool Luke! Great job!!!

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Verve you all kick arse! I just watched the highlight video and got all sorts of pumped up from watching it. This just adds to the excitement of being home soon and getting to train with such elite athletes!

  3. Greg B :

    Wow great job to al lthe competetors that is some impressive work.

  4. The video is so awesome!!!

  5. Ryan :

    Chans’ and the Verve Crew,
    I want to thank you for such a great event! You put on a true test of what CF athletes should encompass. There is a lot that could be said but I will sum it up with “Job Well Done”..
    Ryan, Kyla and the CF Parker Peeps..

  6. Courtney :

    Good times downtown tomorrow night to celebrate a kick ass sectionals and the end of the paleo challenge. If you are game for some good times I’ll happily give you the details, call me Courtney (303)829-1504
    I’m at work today so texting is a very good option. 🙂

  7. derek :

    I loved the video awesome stuff. My favorite part was Sara after getting her first muscle up and the shot right after that with Anna and a super intense look on her face.

  8. Blake :

    Anyone have any suggestions for avoiding blisters on days that we do a high amount of pull ups in the WOD? I taped the bar and used chalk this morning but still walked away with some serious blisters.

  9. luke :

    Part of it is hand maintenance (shaving calluses), part of it is grip maintenance (learning to release your grip for a split second at the top of the kip).
    That is. . . not a happy face. 🙂

  10. Dan Y :

    Here are a couple more possible reasons: 1st, today was simply a lot of pullups. 2nd, using tape on the bar actually makes you rip much sooner (try a bare bar).

  11. Joylyn :

    That’s a great pic Luke! I loved that last WOD with your hat and cool demeanor that said–“yep, I’ve got energy, but I’m not gonna waste it worrying over this!”
    Blake, re: hand maintenance. Use a pumice stone on your hands in the shower regularly, and a good facial scrub helps too. If they are torn, I keep them clean, use Aquaphor healing ointment and pre-wrap to keep the skin moist so it heals faster. I’m still working at the grip maintenance too.

  12. Luke- You’re a STUD! Way to represent.

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