Thursday 100401

For max load:

Floor press 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 reps

Post max load to comments.

I 067
Check out ALL the March personal records.  We can't wait to see what April brings!

About the Floor Press

The floor press exercise is basically a bench press while lying flat on the floor.  Let's review the bench set-up before getting into the specifics of the floor press.  First, while lying on the floor, pinch your shoulder blades tightly together creating a hard flat surface to press from. Next, with your hips on the floor, arch your lumbar spine hard, keeping your belly tight.  Grip the bar so that your forearms are vertical in the bottom position of the bench and try to twist your elbows into your sides as you lower the bar.

The floor press differs from the standard bench press when the bar is lowered.  Instead of reaching the sternum, your triceps will contact the floor with the bar still inches from contacting the chest.  As the triceps contact the floor you relax the arms, thereby breaking up the eccentric and concentric chain of movements.  This method will assist in building explosive strength off the chest in a standard bench.  After relaxing the muscles of the triceps, shoulders, and pecs, violently contact all of these muscles together – pressing the bar to lockout.


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Such beasts! Congrats to all who set PRs!
    Does anyone know much about Mila? What is it like and I’ve been reading about it and wondering if the cost/benefit ratio is worth it?

  2. Ed :

    Oh, chia-pets that you eat… 🙂
    Chia seed has been used for ages as a high-density low-volume ration. Flavor is kinda weird and if you have sensitivities to grass (ragweed, hayfever, corn, etc.) it might be an issue for you.
    It’s also kinda weird when you soak it – some people use it as a thickener for salad dressing and sauces in place of refined starches, IMHO it’s kinda slimy, but does the job OK.
    And if you buy Chia seed, you’ll pay 1/3rd to 1/4th the price of “Mila” seed for the same botanical item (Salvia Hispanica).
    Or were you asking about this Mila:

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