Thursday 100415

Thruster 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 reps

Followed by:

Complete sixteen intervals of :20 seconds of work, followed by :10 seconds of rest alternating between L-sit holds and good mornings.

Load for the good mornings should be kept light and the movement should not be completed to the limit of your hamstrings.

Post thruster and good morning loads to comments.


Matt and Mas, 3 rounds: 15 C&J, 150m sprint up hill w/ sandbag (80#)

Travel WOD's

Traveling is a part of life. Whether it's for work or for play, we find ourselves in far away lands from time to time.  In these times away from our homes, working out may be problematic, especially considering our equipment preferences.  Still, we've committed ourselves to our fitness and constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity – we will find a way.  Here are a couple of options that we find useful.  

First, CrossFit affiliates can be found all over the world now.  To find an gym, use the CrossFit Affiliate Blog which lists CrossFit gyms by state and city on the left side of the page.  As an exercise, check to see if there's a CrossFit gym in the city in which you were born.  We recommend visiting as many affiliates as possible, as it's an instant group of friends that have a similar interest.

Second, travel WOD's can be completed in almost any hotel or house with relatively little equipment.  Of course body weight movements can be completed just about anywhere.  But you can also fashion yourself some weights by filling a backpack with something heavy, like a couple of gallon bottles of water.  Toss the backpack on your back and run some stairs.  Take the pack off and do 10 backpack squat cleans at each landing – yikes!!! Hotels often have dumbells and treadmills too… imagine the possibilities!

Cherie and I always travel with rings and jump ropes – two staple items that make for great workouts.  One pair of rings allow us to do ring rows, dips, ring push-ups, muscle-ups, pull-ups, as well as skills practice.  We just added sandbags to our arsenal of equipment that we travel with – and they double as suitcases!  Remember, you're only limited by your ambition and creativity.  Traveling is not a reason to allow your training to suffer.


  1. Dan :

    I think one of the most fun travel WODs I’ve done is just good ol’ handstand walking. You can do it for hours too. It always seemed to help if I started with my hands on the ground for balance in the beginning (as opposed to kicking up from a standing position). Aaaaand if one gets board of that, there’s always 150 burpees for time = OUCH.

  2. Donna :

    I can’t help but wondering, what did the locals think of your travel WODs?

  3. Matt :

    There was a buzz that we were US military… needless to say, our sandles were safe from then on.

  4. Greg B. :

    I would love to do a travel WOD but that would mean I got to travel… So not this month.

  5. Fonger :

    As a victim of a vacation with minimal CF….never again! Embrace the travel WODs!

  6. jeremy :

    Enclosed is a nice list of Travel WODs from Crossfit North Atlanta. Enjoy!

  7. Mas :

    Thanks for the link Jeremy! There is a butt load on that list. I guess you are truly only limited by your own imagination.

  8. We were so stoked to have you as our guests in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We were impressed with how Cross Fit training accelerated the learning process of surfing. You were strong, determined, enthusiastic and fun (!). I remember paddling out with Matt and I told him “Ok, it’s go time!” just when a couple big set waves were coming our way. I think that his Cross Fit training gave him the mindset that was needed to paddle thru those waves and the next 20 to come. Please come back and see us. Ladies, I miss having you around! Let’s surf again! Anyone else interested in a challenging and rewarding vacation? THANKS CROSS FIT VERVE CREW! We love you, Bennison from Costa Rica

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