Thursday 100506

Handstand skills

Including; wall handstands, free standing, parallettes, rings and walking.

Post accomplishments to comment.

Cherie MU
Regional games team WOD and crowd

Ten things that I believe.

  • I believe CrossFit found me and that it found you in the same way.
  • I believe we are more then a strength and conditioning program, we are a community.
  • I believe your deficiency in a movement exactly shows your need. 
  • I believe we get better with age.
  • I believe our diets are the hardest thing we will ever "dial in".  I believe we need to work at it every day. I believe it gets easier.
  • I believe if you always do what you've always done, you'll always be where you've always been.
  • I believe love should be respected, cultivated, and cherished like a shiny treasure.  I believe in kindness. 
  • I believe if you do not work at it, it will not be great.
  • I believe sick days are meant to be used.
  • I believe you must have passion about at least one thing in your life.

What do you believe in?

Nutrition Workshop this Sunday May 9th at 1:30pm.  The Nutrition Workshop is great for both beginners and advanced athletes. As always, the Nutrition Workshop is open to the public and free of charge – so don't delay – mark it on your calendar!


  1. James :

    I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

  2. Tanja :

    I believe in being kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting a battle of some sort.
    I believe I can do a handstand push-up without a resistance band.

  3. Kristine Reinking :

    I love todays post! I especially love the “we get better with age part!”
    I believe that some of the finest people I have ever had the honor to meet are Crossfitters!

  4. gerson :

    word, good post…
    i believe there’s one race… the human race.
    i believe that i was going to be unable to do walking handstands this morning, i was correct… one more skill to work on

  5. robyn :

    I believe everything happens for a reason, and at the approriate time.
    I believe we are only given what we can handle in life, no matter how challenging times may be.
    what an inspiration to read this morning, love to the verve peeps:)

  6. Greg B. :

    I believe that if I stick with it and work hard I can be at the highest level of fitness I have ever been at by the time I turn 40. And for those of you who were about to say, “You’re not 40 already,” bite me!

  7. Joe Cruz :

    I was going to opt out of today’s workout because I am getting annihilated by allergies, but I believe that I want to work on handstand skills.
    And skills with an “s” and not a stupid “z”.
    I can’t tell you guys how much I’ve enjoyed learning and doing Cross Fit and meeting and working out with you all… guess I just did.

  8. I believe in acting as if it is impossible to fail.
    You’re welcome!

  9. Matt :

    I believe I am lucky to have met all of you. So much fun… Who’s ready for some water world?!?

  10. Beck :

    I believe “you’re stronger than you think, you’re better than you think…. dig deep” – taken from somewhere in the documentary “race across the sky”
    I believe I am ready for water world!

  11. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Oh snap Water World!!!! Does that mean pool WOD in the tidal wave pool?

  12. Greg B. :

    WATER WORLD! The best seasonal people watching in the world!

  13. Tiffany :

    i believe in people.
    i believe everything is connected and balanced when looked at from reeeeeeaaaaaally far away.
    i believe i am nowhere near my potential.
    i believe growth is a result of getting uncomfortable.
    i believe it takes courage to step into discomfort willingly and strength to walk through it.
    i believe in big belly laughs.
    i believe in dancing your ass off.
    i believe in loving, living and learning with all your being.
    i believe you are stronger than you think you are!
    i believe this list has gotten too long.
    i believe it is time to work on handstands.
    peace out.

  14. MikELeet :

    I am a part of CrossFit, a community of ‘believers in’ for I believe that WE act purposefully believing in ourselves and each other more than yesterday, more still tomorrow, something that came surprisingly out of the community, the relationship we have with Matt, Cherie, each other – all that is CrossFit.
    I don’t believe in CrossFit, rather I believe that CrossFit has given me a lever and showed me how and where to stand. With patience I will move the world.
    I ‘believe’ Archimedes said that in 230 BC, right after doing Fran.

  15. I believe that if I believe what others say they believe about me that I can do great things. Others often have visibility of seeing things in me that I don’t often see in myself right away. That belief that others have in me makes me believe I can do (and trust myself) and then after that, I’m a believer.
    I believe I can fly…..

  16. Emmalee :

    I believe this would be fun…..So Breckenridge Crossfit is hosting an event and they made a video for it, pretty funny! It’s August 13th and 14th.

  17. I believe that the key to staying young is laughing and masterbation.

  18. Elizabeth :

    I believe I know some of the best (and raunchiest) people in the world! I believe Zoe is ready to ride ALL the rides at Water World at 48in! We are so in for that!

  19. Lynn :

    i believe the joy is in the journey…live big

  20. James :

    I believe Amy wins this one.

  21. MJ :

    i believe they based all the characters from 300 off Mr. Matt Chan

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