Thursday 100513

For time:

20 Jerks, 185#/120#

40 Lateral jump burpees

Jerks and burpees may be partitioned as needed.  Burpees will be completed by jumping over the barbell and clapping while in mid-air.

Post time to comments.

Andy and Taq got their first ever back levers today, strong work gentlemen something to be proud of!

North Central Regionals Affiliate Cup WOD #2 max snatch in 25 minutes. 

Two videos in one day, say what?  This one was too inspirational to give up!

Do something amazing and inspire someone.


  1. Sherry :

    Great job affiliate team! Alan, Mas, Cherie, Joylyn!

  2. Matt :
  3. Anna :

    Wow, what a good looking team! Ya’ll did awesome, way to represent!!!

  4. Julian :

    That last 800 was ridiculous… 1:56 and he was flying.

  5. Dan :

    Nice work VERVE! btw, love the lateral burpees!

  6. Donna :

    I don’t mean this to a be a glib response to Andy and Taq’s accomplishment, but they were doing these on Sesame Street this morning. Fast forward to about 4 minutes in.

  7. Blake :

    There is no limit to how many times I could watch the clip of Solinksy. If he led from the start people would be swearing it was Pre reincarnated. Absolutely amazing…makes me want to run harder and faster.

  8. Joylyn :

    Great video Matt! I LOVED the music and grooved along and got chills all over again watching Cherie’s badass snatch PR.

  9. bk :

    bk scaled to 155#, 7:31

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