Thursday 100520

30 Press to handstands for time.

Post time to comments.


Three first-time back levers in one month?!?! 

While developing your upper body strength with the pull-ups, push-ups, and dips, a measure of balance and accuracy can be developed through mastering the handstand.  Competency in the handstand readies the athlete for handstand presses.  There is a family of presses that range from relatively relatively easy, one's that any beginning gymnast can perform, to one's so difficult that only the best gymnasts competing at national levels can perform.  It is not unusual for an athlete to take upwards of ten years to become proficient at the presses.

The trunk flexion work in gymnastics is beyond anything you'll see anywhere else.  Even the beginning gymnastic trunk movements cripple bodybuilders, weightlifters, and martial artists.  Much of the rudiments of gymnastics come only with great effort and frustration – that's okay.  The return is unprecedented and the most frustrating elements are most beneficial.  Therefore, approach today's workout with a positive mindset and bring your best attitude – skills days are about fun!

-Adapted from CrossFit Journal, October 2002.


  1. Your Friendly EMS and Trauma State Representative and Verve Athlete... :

    Happy EMS Week!! If you work in any aspect of EMS…ED, Fire, Ambulance, Flights…pick up some SWAG at the Verve in a box by the waterfountain. Thank you for your amazing dedication to trauma and medical care in Colorado. For the duration of the week, if you see an EMS professional please take the time to thank them for their service. You never know when they just might save your life.

  2. luke :

    It’s amazing how Crossfit can expose you sometimes. . . I always thought my core was a strength. My core received a serious beatdown today. I mean bad. Amazing class Joylyn. Another day, another weakness. 🙂

  3. Sara Lew :

    Hello Ververs,
    This is my 1st post…it feels good. I have constantly been sore since I met you and I like it. I’m looking for some advice about training for a half marathon and how that works with CF training. Does anyone have advice about how to set up my 3 times/week CF and running training schedules to work well together?
    Thanks for being a rad addition to my life.
    -Sara Lew

  4. James :

    Luke — Word.
    Sara — check out I used it in a modified fashion when I was training for a rowing race. They’ve got some fascinating ideas for mixing endurance running and CF.

  5. Donna :

    Need dinner ideas? Keep refreshing the page for more options.

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