Thursday 100603


With a 32kg/20kg kettlebell:

21 Turkish get-ups, right arm

50 Kettlebell swings

21 Overhead squats, left arm

50 Kettlebell swings

21 Overhead squats, right arm

50 Kettlebell swings

21 Turkish get-ups, left arm

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Ok, so we don't normally do this…. Sunday June 13th's WOD will be rafting "The Numbers" section of the Arkansas River. This trip has been organized by Lisa Ward, CrossFit Verve athlete and former river guide.  On the 13th, we'll meet in Granite (near Buena Vista) at 8:30am to be guided down a Class IV "The Numbers".  All are welcome – friends, family, and non-CrossFit Verve members alike (must be over age 16).  

Everyone that is going must call Lakota River Guides to make a deposit of $25 (total cost is $55 this is SUPER cheap, thanks Lisa).  You must call on or before June 11th in order to go on this trip.  This is another great opportunity to test your fitness, as well as meet some CrossFitter's.  We'll organize a carpool leaving from CrossFit Verve when we have a total number of attendees and we'll certainly meet for late lunch afterwards.  Last year we had 43 people go on this trip and it was truly unforgettable – let's get more going this year!

Book your spot NOW!
Lakota River Guides
(970) 476-7238


  1. Matt :

    Cherie and I are in!
    Can we do a role call of who is going? It makes me happy!

  2. AWESOME!!! I FREAKIN LOVE rafting shenanigans!!! J and I might be in – we’ll re-roll call when we decide for sure 😀
    AND, because you can never have too much fun with Verve peeps…
    This Saturday, come celebrate everyone’s favorite younger Young brother’s birthday!!!
    Jared hits the big 2-6 manana, but we’re going to celebrate in style this Saturday, June 5th 😀
    Ya’ll are invited to meet up at my house (1685 Steele Street, on 17th & Steele across from City Park) at 9:30. Bring your fave snack or drink and we’ll partake in some adult bevvies, yummy food, and great company for as long as we want…if we get the urge, we’ll hit the town for dancing, imbibing, or whatever other fun comes our way!!
    The Verve community is one of the most important groups of people in Jared’s life – I know he’d love to see you all there!
    Questions, directions, etc., call me at 213-842-0258. Hope to see you this Saturday!!!

  3. Sarah L :

    Check the June event board for a little W.W.C.S.D? partay info….you will not want to miss this business suckas!! Also I am in for rafting!!!!!!!!

  4. Lisa :

    Please tell Lakota when you call for a reservation that you are part of Lisa’s trip. This will get you on the list for our trip at the discounted price. For information such as what to bring,details of the trip and info about Lakota go to You can post your questions or catch me at the gym. This trip will be awesome!

  5. Jack :

    Sorry to change the topic, but does anyone know of any Crossfit locations in Vegas that are good?

  6. Slaughter :

    Hey Lisa,
    what time would we be leaving/arriving Denver and on what days? Do I need ot take Friday off work or anything?

  7. Courtney :

    I’m in. . . but I get off work at 7:00 in the morning, I’m not sure how far Granite is or if I can make it by 8:30 so I too will have to re-roll call when I get this figured out.

  8. Joylyn :

    Sad I can’t go rafting….but I’ll be at a baby shower instead.
    However, I will gladly volunteer my sweet hubby Mas to go and join you all, just please promise to bring him back in one piece. Thank you and have a BLAST!

  9. Cherie :

    Jack – CF Las Vegas has a great reputation and our very own Jason Miller is a transplant from there.

  10. Emmalee :

    Jack I second what Cherie said. Crossfit Vegas was great they are right by the airport, very nice people.

  11. Matt :

    Courtney, I am getting off shift that morning as well. I don’t think we need to worry too much about being late, as it’s only just over an hour drive. Should be all good – we’ll carpool!

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