Thursday 100610

For max loads:
Power snatch 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 reps
Snatch balance 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 reps

Then; three rounds for time of:
15 Dumbell push press
15 Burpees

Post loads and time to comments.


Josh Grimm contemplating another round of KB swings during "Arnie".

Ok, so we don't normally do this…. this Sunday's WOD will be rafting "The Numbers" section of the Arkansas River. This trip has been organized by Lisa Ward, CrossFit Verve athlete and former river guide.  On Sunday, we'll meet in Granite (near Buena Vista) at 8:30am to be guided down a Class IV "The Numbers".  All are welcome – friends, family, and non-CrossFit Verve members alike (must be over age 16).  

Everyone that is going must call Lakota River Guides to make a deposit of $25 (total cost is $55 this is SUPER cheap, thanks Lisa).  You must call on or before June 11th in order to go on this trip.  This is another great opportunity to test your fitness, as well as meet some CrossFitter's.  We'll organize a carpool leaving from CrossFit Verve when we have a total number of attendees and we'll certainly meet for late lunch afterwards.  Last year we had 43 people go on this trip and it was truly unforgettable – let's get more going this year!

Book your spot NOW!
Lakota River Guides
(970) 476-7238



  1. Dan Y :

    Josh, nice work on Arnie. That was cool to catch the last bit of it. Nice work man.
    Lisa, thank you for organizing this trip. Its so cool! I wish I could go and I’ll be thinking of you guys living it up! Have fun!!!
    P.S. Loving today’s WOD… all of it.

  2. Lisa :

    Wish you could go Dan!
    If you are going rafting with us this Sunday you may officially consider yourself a bada$*. Adding to the high water is a forecast for cold weather. This means a couple things; I know it is difficult to think about in this heat but, please trust me as a raft guide of 8 years….you MUST bring extra layers of clothes for the trip and a dry set of warm clothes to change into to stay warm and happy. This means your ski clothes. Fleece jackets, fleece shirts, hats, mittens…The raft company will provide you with:
    Wetsuit (will cover your torso and legs…)
    Splash Jacket
    Booties for your feet
    Life Jacket
    This is NOT enough to keep you warm. The air temp in the mountains may be in the 50’s with water temp around 30 degrees.

  3. Lisa :

    You will be paddling the entire time but expect to be soaking wet. No need to worry…extreme rafting is the only way to go! Try to avoid cotton. Cotton will only make you colder. I will bring a big bag (as I did last year) of fleece and extra layers for those of you who need it.
    You will be talking about this trip for a very long time, because its going to be awesome…with this in mind, please bring a little extra cash to tip your guide. Rafing is a service industry, guides live off of tips. You tip someone to bring you a hamburger without a second thought…these guys work their butts off to keep you safe. The original price of the trip is $99, you are paying 1/2 price. Please consider tipping about $15 a person, more if you like, of course. Thank you in advance from myself and your guides. 😉

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