Thursday 100812


75 Power snatches, 75#/55# for time.

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Doug Michaels has been a Verve athlete since December 2008 – nearly two years! 

The Fastest Lift @ High Reps

The snatch is known as the fastest lift in the weightlifting world.  It ties together a number of the ten general physical skills, including power, speed, balance, flexibility, coordination, agility, and accuracy.  In a matter of seconds, the barbell is moved from the floor to an overhead position, where we rise to a standing position before considering the lift complete.  In a split second, we must rely on training and practice, otherwise the lift may be missed.

Today, we rely less on strength and more on the other general skills.  The load is relatively light, but the repetitions are high.  Because of this, we can expect that fatigue will play a major role in the elements of speed, balance, coordination, and accuracy.  Since the repetitions are high, we are also incorporating cardio/respiratory endurance and stamina – making this a fairly inclusive workout.

How should you approach this workout?  Let's consider the time element first.  This is a fairly low percentage of your one rep max (1RM), so expect it to feel easy.  The workout calls for power snatches, which have a very quick cycle time – probably one rep every two seconds when you're fresh.  Without considering any muscular fatigue, 75 reps completed at 2 reps/sec leave you with a time of 2:30.  Now, add in 4 or 5 well-timed rests of 10 seconds apiece and we arrive at 3:10 – 3:20. 

The world's fast lift + high reps = one hell of a WOD.  Hang on for dear life!


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