Thursday 101007

Four rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes

Post times to comments.

CC, 8th place in the 63kg weight class with a 53kg(116#) Snatch, and a 68kg(150#) Clean & Jerk.

Why CrossFit Ruined My Life:
Dedicated to Greg Glassman, the man that ruined my life.

My WHOLE life I searched for a fitness that I couldn’t explain.  I was always active, always “healthy”.  I was a vegetarian for 16 years, because it was “healthy”.  I ran, biked, climbed, surfed and lived a relatively balanced and happy lifestyle.  Then I found CrossFit and my life will never be the same….

Because of CrossFit, I will never eat Mung for dinner again (unless it's a cheat meal).  Mung is a delicious mixture of re fried beans, peppers, onions, cheese, and salsa cooked in a crock pot on low.  I used homemade tortilla chips for dipping, cuz they are healthier then the store bought ones, right?

Because of CrossFit, normal everyday people just don’t look the same.  When you are constantly surrounded by CrossFitters your perception of human anatomy is skewed.  Too skinny is weak and too strong is slow.

Because of CrossFit, I believe all people are capable of amazing physical feats, when they don’t produce, I take it personally and have no tolerance for laziness.

Because of CrossFit, I will never be alone.  There will always be friends I should spend time with, athletes I need train and new people I want to get to know. 

Because of CrossFit, I may look amazing naked, however, damned if I can fit into normal girl clothes.  Put me in yoga pants and I’ll knock your socks off.  Send me on a mission to find a dress, pair of jeans or a feminine top and I’ll come home defeated.  My wardrobe will forever consist of 90% t’shirts.

Because of CrossFit, I will spend at least half of my waking days lurking on websites, watching, learning, getting pumped up and being inspired. will be the first site I look at every morning and the last before bed.  Why am I mesmerized by people working out.  Damn you CrossFit.

Because of CrossFit, my hands will never be soft and silky.  They will forever remain rough and coarse.  They have become hands of capacity and are not for looks or ginger caressing.

Because of CrossFit, I will never be able to separate my health and fitness again.  They will always be joined as one, interlocked in an intimate marriage of understanding.  I have no excuses. 

Because of CrossFit, people think I work out all day, deprive myself of sinful pleasures and am generally unfun (because their definition of fun has become so incompatible with mine)! 

Because of CrossFit, I will never be satisfied with my fitness.  There will always be something to achieve, something to try and something to “get better at”, nothing I can't do!

Has CrossFit ruined your life?


  1. tiff :

    love this. love the author. nuff said.

  2. Dan Y :

    Can anybody say VALSALVA MANEUVER? Nice Cherie! Sad that there was one sentence about that in my 1000+ page anatomy and physiology text book.

  3. Emmalee :

    I agree Tiff on all acoounts….. Well said Cherie, Crossfit has ruined my life too!

  4. Amanda K. :

    I love my CrossFit ruined life!

  5. James :

    Why on earth would you want to caress ginger?
    I kid, I kid. Great post. Now I feel the need to perform superhuman feats so as not to get on your bad side.

  6. Stacey E :

    Being even less than a neophyte to Cross Fit I CAN’T WAIT for it to completely wreak havoc on my life as well!
    Kudos to all the Verve athletes who competed this weekend, you are all inspirations!

  7. Travis :

    This is brilliant, love it!

  8. SO TRUE!! This is my favorite: “Because of Crossfit I’ll never separate my health and my fitness again.” Love this!

  9. Just Awesome!!!

  10. Kiley :

    I LOVE the fact that it has ruined my life, and I would have it no other way. Great post!!

  11. Ali Nichols :

    WOW! This post screams awesome:) I loved it!

  12. Greg B. :

    Crossfit and more to the point Verve has and is making my life a living dream. Remember nightmares are dreams too. Thanx for all you do to me Verve!

  13. Blake :

    If you mean that being fitter, faster, stronger and a better dancer than yes. Yes, Crossfit has ruined my life.

  14. Anna :

    Totally ruined!!! I love that crossfit has ruined my life! Yes I am also a dedicated soldier! Amazing how others just dont get it. I was recently told after a small procedure, stitches, to not work out for 2 weeks! What?!? Are these people crazy? They just dont understand my addiction, thank you crossfit!

  15. Mas :

    Damn you Crossfit! Damn you for making my life more than just the mundane. I’m sorry Crossfit… I didn’t mean it. I’m hooked on you!

  16. Slaughter :

    The metamorphic ruination which has so gradually occurred over the dozens of cyclical rotations and spins which we call life has indeed permanently altered my previous perception of penchant undertakings. I can no longer consummately enjoy the lackluster liveliness or lavish laziness many still expect and accept. This inanimacy observed in majority of higher order organisms is berserkingly bothersome and fuels our motivation for moving onward.
    Ruined or Heightened, life is certainly different. The ruination is so compelling, so inducing, that my ambition must also be tailored towards acceptance and abiding alteration of this mindless mindset. The task is set, the ruination shall spread.
    Anyone else feeling frisky after reading Cherie’s post?

  17. rosalia :

    Crossfit is ruining peoples lives all over the world, grabbing more people every day!!
    I say that crossfit is addictive!!! When you start you can’t stop!!
    Rosalia from Sicily

  18. Jack :

    Radicalelles the Barbarian approves this message.

  19. ALVIN :

    My life is a wreck…that I must repeat 4 times a weak, faster!!

  20. Matt :

    My life is ruined b/c my wife stays up all night typing up inspiring posts. Thanks Cherie!

  21. gerson :


  22. elizabeth :

    I love this pic! Cherie always uses her breath and look at those sexy arms! Due to child emesis in car, I could not wod with the elite Cherie Chan. Instead Catherine decided to “help” me design a home wod. Kb Farmer carry (20kg and 16kg switching hands) down and up three flights of stairs, 25 KB swings, 25 medball cleans, 50 situps. 4 rounds for time. If child emesis doesn’t cause pukage, this will!

  23. Courtney :

    Crossfit has ruined my life because I can not go on a vacation now without scoping out gyms ahead of time and finding a way to work it into my vacation schedule or packing various pieces of workout equipment.

  24. lynn :

    Now I’m a skinnier snob with higher expectations, geez, thanks CF!! 🙂

  25. HeatherB :

    Cherie, you’re awesome.

  26. SP :

    And hell yes, CF has ruined my life, I’ve even changed my research focus to center around it! loving every damn moment of it though!

  27. Elaine :

    I am printing this out and framing it because it’s me.

  28. Potts :

    I say, ruin my life. More like “ruin.” Please sir, may I have another?! Make it hurt! Make it burn!
    I’m sure I’ve totally turned off some friends (that have no clue what CF is about-sadly) who tell me about their workouts.
    I’M ALL… “DUDE. I ripped my palms doing pull-ups. SEE?!”
    And they’re all… “DUDE. YER CRAZY.”
    And I’M ALL… “DUDE. Do you SEE how my thighs now go IN in that one area?! And I’m not talkin’ the cottage cheese. Do you GET how COOL that is?!”
    I love you Cherie. Keep yelling at me (the way I have come to love) and I’ll never stop appreciating just how “ruined” my life is. Ruin away baby…

  29. Cherie. that was perfect. thankyou.

  30. I’m so happy that CF has ruined and will continue to ruin my life!!!! Because of CF I can wake up early with no regrets bc Im excited for the wod and have a more productive day. Because of CF I learned about the zone/paleo diet and now enjoy cooking. Because of CF I will endure the pain. Because of CF I lost 45lbs. Because of CF I had the inspiration to create, a project that will promote fitness and nutrition workshops while raising funds for nonprofits in Brazil to help fight hunger. Because of CF I’m transitioning careers and becoming a wellness coach. Because of CF I will help transform lives like it has transformed mine! Love you CF! Love you Verve!

  31. Tiffany :

    first…amazing, patty!
    cf has ruined my relationships…with sugar. with alcohol. with a sedentiary lifestyle. (even when i have a fling with them, i know it can’t last for long)
    crossfit has ruined all previously held notions of what health, fitness, happiness, and beauty feel like and look like.
    crossfit has shrunk (but improved) my dating pool.
    crossfit has ruined my ability to walk through life without complete strangers (all male) asking me to flex for them. seriously. i’m shopping for groceries. leave me alone. i only flex for friends and lovers.
    crossfit ruined any chance of mediocrity for my life. somehow, pushing yourself for an hour a day turns into this motivating factor where suddenly, there are no limits in life and opportunity abounds wherever you look.
    from rubble comes rebirth.
    thank you crossfit, for ruining all i was to free all that i might be.

  32. robyn :

    So inspired by this post and reading how cf has ruined all these lives:)
    I don’t know what i would do without cf, totally ruined me. Ruined by what i thought was being active, by what i thought was eating right, by what i thought a healthy lifestyle used to be.
    I am forever a changed woman and would not give any of it up for anything! HUGE Thanks to my aunt and cousin for getting me involved in this community!
    Most of my family gets tired of hearing about the fantastic changes i’ve seen in myself, physically, mentally, and especially the nutrition, guess they need to be part of the community to ‘get it’
    Thanks for the amazing post Cherie! Keep it comin’!!!

  33. rosanne :

    Has CrossFit ruined my life? You bet! and in more ways than one. When not supported by my immediate family, I know my CF family is there for me. It truly has ruined the way I workout, think, eat, relate, communicate. Everything is much clearer for me and I believe that everything I do, feel and think has a purpose. I no longer live my life with the thought of “hey you only live once” attitude, but with the attitude of living life to the best of my abilities and to the fullest.

  34. I love, love, love this. I have a chicks blog and I shared your article….(giving you all the credit and a link to your site) I hope you don’t mind. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as I did!!!
    Allison Carver

  35. Great distinctions. It is so important that we identify who is around and keep them separate in our dealings. and ou know, instead of telling people to implement comment moderation, you could just stop leaving stupid looney-bin spam comments everywhere.

  36. Nicole :

    CrossFit ruined my sense of humor. I now say things like ‘snatch’ and ‘Turkish Get Ups’ and ‘Clean and Jerk’ without giggling.

  37. Vince :

    Because of Crossfit I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do. Met people that are absolutely amazing and supportive towards me, a relative stranger. Defined for me a new meaning of the word fitness. Changed my life for the better. Thank you Crossfit.

  38. Keith M :

    Yeah, I’m all screwed up. No alcohol, no late nights (early training sessions), no fried foods, etc. Crossfit, you ruined me!
    But with increased strength, clarity, stamina, and emotional health, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  39. rc :

    Everyday is a better day with Crossfit.

  40. Jason :

    Girlfriend hates CrossFit. CrossFit cleans up everything in your life.

  41. Ann :

    Have you ever noticed that the most out of shape crossfiter (newbie) is in better shape than everyone in the grocery store? CF has not yet ruined my life, but I am hoping (and training) it will soon.

  42. Amazing! Made me tear!

  43. Sean Turner :

    Totally ruined my life. Great post.

  44. s'more :

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! nothing even close to crossfit….bug hugs brothers and sisters

  45. dan def :

    Great post. Very well done and 100% on point.
    — dan def, crossfitnyc, the black box.

  46. Kim Bono :

    Only a Crossfitter will understand!

  47. I love, love this post! I would love to share it on our website- (with your permission first) giving you full credit and a link to your site!
    Crossfit has ruined my life and I hope to see it ruin the lives of many others!!!

  48. VK :

    Great post and dead on! Crossfit has ruined my life and keeps me alive! As a LEO, crossfit is not only a way of life, it keeps me alive and safe at work!

  49. So, watch this clip and pay extra special attention at :14 and 1:10 in. When I was a kid we used to rewind the VHS over and over to watch this greatness. Unlike the rest of the film, it never gets old.

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