Thursday 101014

For time:

30 Thrusters, 135#(95#)

Post time to comments.

Chest on deck, elbows back, thighs off the floor, feet together, tye dye bicep band, what else can you say?

Want to get your Yoga on?  This Saturday join a plethora of yoga guru's and Lululemon for the first annual YOGA IN THE CITY.  At CrossFit you work your body to the bone, go relax, stretch and get some good core time.  Who knows, you might even meet someone.


Yoga in the City is going to be BIG, the goal is 2,000 people BIG!  This Saturday October 16, 2010, 10am-11:15pm, it's free but arrive early.  It will be at City Park.  The three Lululemon Athletica stores and the 21 CorePower Yoga Studios are hosting the event. Check out their events page here.


  1. Sarah Lev :

    And who tied that band on his arm on her way out the door you ask…Moi 🙂

  2. Mark :

    Thanks Sarah! It helped power me through this workout!

  3. Slaughter :

    How can you say no to all those skin tight pants?

  4. Jack :

    I just can’t figure out why Mark is wearing shoes… Well stated Slaughter. The answer is simple really, you don’t.

  5. Dan Y :

    Cool workout today!

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