Thursday 101021

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

7 Back squat, 185#/125#
10 Dumbbell Overhead walking lunges (right hand), 45#/30#
7 Burpees
10 Dumbbell Overhead walking lunges (left hand), 45#/30#

Post rounds to comments.

Cecily rockin' the Verve T in front of the Taj Mahal.

Harvest Fall Weightlifting Meet hosted by FRCF
November 13th-14th

The early registration deadline is fast approaching.  The cost to register is currently $45 UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  On October 20th, the cost goes up to $65.  If you are planning on competing, please click here and get it done by the 20th.  There are 125 competitor slots.

This meet will be a Olympic Lifting meet, the two lifts contested are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  You can enter this meet and compete as an individual or as part of your CrossFit Verve WLC.  There will be awards for each weight class, as well as awards for the top three CrossFit Affiliates.   All USAW rules will be followed, with the exception of the requirement that you wear a singlet.  If you a USAW registered lifter and would like to use the total for your official records, you must wear a singlet.

If you are lifting as a CrossFitter you must wear shorts and a t-shirt that allows the judges to see your knees and elbows.  No baggie shorts will be allowed.  You must wear appropriate footwear.  You will not be able to wear Five Finger shoes or anything like them.  

The Affiliate Competition will be contested with teams of up to eight men and seven women.   We will be using the same system that is used at the USAW/CrossFit Open to determine the winner.  Coaches must declare their teams prior to the start of the meet.

The weight classes for the men are:  
56 kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77 kg, 85kg, 94kg, 105 kg, 105+ kg
The weight classes for the women are:  
48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, 75+kg

You will need to declare your weight class when you register today, but you will be able to change it up to the weigh-in.  

The following weight classes will lift on Saturday:
Women's 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63 kg
Men's 56 kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85 kg

The following weight classes will lift on Sunday
Women's 69kg, 75kg, 75+kg
Men's 94kg, 105kg, 105+kg

If this sounds like fun, REGISTER TODAY as the price is $45 until until midnight, then the registration goes up to $65.  We have several lifters going from Verve, so there will be plenty of support.  Post to comments if you will be lifting.


  1. Matt :

    I’m in!

  2. Sarah Lev :

    I am lifting and now scared!!!!! 🙂

  3. Cec-Lookin’ gorgeous in front of the Taj!
    Sarah-you’re gonna kill it!
    Matt-um DUH! Kiiiiiiinda no contest.

  4. Nat :

    How does one register for the team portion of the comp? I would LOVE to do that.

  5. Joylyn :

    I signed up! It’s gonna be FUN!

  6. cherie :

    Sign -up as an individual on the Verve team.

  7. Matt :

    If you want to lift for the CrossFit Verve WLC team you must be a registered USAW member. Register here:
    Team Affiliation Info:
    CrossFit Verve WLC [3220]
    Matt Chan 161514
    Cherie Chan 161515

  8. Anna :

    Love the pic Cecily!!!
    I’m lifting, need to get a singlet though! Should be fun!

  9. Amanda K. :

    So cool Cecily!

  10. Free CrossFit Article re: how to NOT rip your hands with pull-ups:

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