Thursday 101230

Two Rounds for time of:

20 Sumo deadlift, 225# (155#)
20 Burpee box jumps, 20" 

Post time to comments.

Gerry with a great overhead position and focus.

Back by popular demand the tape glove post…

Tearing your hands hurts and can take two weeks to recover from.  So how the heck do you prevent hand tears?  Our recommendation is to build up tissue tolerance and improve grip without the aid of tape.  However, this takes time so here is our professional tip of the day: make reusable tape gloves that will save your hands during high rep pull-up WOD's. (Keep hands callous free daily with a pumice or heel shaver).

First, start with a piece of tape that is more than double the length of your hand.  Fold it in half lengthwise.  Then, make a bend in it and keep the two sides as close as possible.

Tape1   Tape2 

Next, take the roll of tape and tape from the bend at the top (the finger hole) all the way to the bottom and continue halfway up the back side.  You'll want two strips for each hand, which you'll secure with a section of tape around the wrist and a section around the palm.

Tape3   Tape4 
There you have it – when you're done with your 20 minutes of pull-ups you can unwrap the wrist and palm and save the two finger strips.  These are nearly as good as gymnast straps and can be used in your next marathon pull-up WOD  Enjoi!

New Years WOD's, fun and booze free.  For those of you who have asked, we will be having an intimate gathering at the Verve (OLD), on New Years eve if you are interested in a sober New Year with a few work outs, food and board games to boot. Come with a chair to lounge in, some work out clothes to kick some ass in and some games to share while we wait for the New Year. Be there at 8pm sharp to before the first 3.2.1..GO!  


  1. Blake :

    Great way to end my time with Verve, with a tough WOD. Big thank you to the best trainers a gym could ask for and some of the greatest people I could have asked to spend my final year in Denver with, both in the gym and elsewhere. See you farther down the road.

  2. Cruz :

    Sad to see you leave, Blake, but I know you’ve got much excellence in your future as a US Marine–it pains me to say this as a former USAF officer, but, Semper Fi, my friend! Thanks for your service in advance.

  3. McKenna :

    I don’t even want to acknowledge that this is reality

  4. Greg B :

    Blake sad to see you go but you are destined for big things. Have a fun new year and So jealous that I am working a 48 over the new year. See you next year to help set up the new crib. Be safe and take a cab if you need one.

  5. Mas :

    Make us proud Blake! Good luck, we’ll miss you.

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