As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

25 Box jumps

5 Muscle – ups

Post rounds and random thoughts to comments.


Those of you who haven't been to an am class lately haven't met Ed, welcome Ed.  Here's a sweet picture of Ed getting over the hurdles at Commons Park

Friday, July 10th CrossFit Verve will be closed due to our travels out to the CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA July 10th – 12th

Not only will our fearless leader be competing among the top 75 individual athletes for the title of "Fittest Man on Earth" (No Pressure Matt).  But we will also be competing as a team.  Verve has a six person team comprised of; Alan Anderson, Gerson Marroquin, Tim Martin, Anna Anderson, Tiffany Skidmore and Cherie Chan.  We also have a least five other Verve athletes joining us to cheers on the competitors.  You can follow the weekends progress by checking out the games website linked above.  It is bound to be a blast, we are grateful to have so many joining us for this fun event.


  1. Carol :

    Best of luck to Matt and everyone else representing Colorado at the Games! We’ll be cheering for you all at Pikes Peak CrossFit.

  2. Gayle Bereskin :

    You all are rock stars!!! Will be sending you cheers from Denver- Gayle

  3. Gayle Bereskin :

    To Lisa (6am class on Thursday, July 2)
    Thanks for your help with the box jumps.

  4. Lisa Ward :

    Anytime Gayle! I’m sure you showed that box who was boss. 😉

  5. Carol Stachura :

    Let the Games Begin … Best of Luck to Matt and the team! Your Florida family will be rooting for you.

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