Thursday 110106

Three rounds for time of:

15 Hang power cleans, 135#/95#

15 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Tanja has a New Years surprise, look her first pull-ups! Congrats Tanja.

"Best Shape of My Life!" Nutrition Challenge

From January 15th until March 19th, we're challenging you to get into the best shape of your life.  During these 9 weeks we're going to reward you for good behaviors and punish you for bad behaviors.  We're going to require a lot in order to participate, but in exchange you are going to earn the ability to say you gave it your all and made positive steps towards health and performance.  Here's the details:

The challenge will run for 9 weeks.  In order to compete for the prizes, you must complete the following: pre/post Challenge blood work, pre/post pictures, pre/post body composition measurements, pre/post vitals, and pre/post benchmark workout.  The cost of this challenge is $100 and includes the cost of blood work.  You must also log all oral intake, workouts, sleep, and supplements.

Each meal has three positive or neutral values:
-2 cheat meal: not Paleo quality, not Zone quantity. (-10 possible per day)
+0 paleo meal that includes dairy
+1 paleo meal: all Paleo rules apply (5 possible per day)
+2 zone meal: all standard Zone rules apply (10 possible per day)
+3 Paleo/zone meal: paleo quality in zone proportions. (15 possible per day)

Rules of 5 bonus points:
+1 5 meals per day (1 possible/day)
+1 fewer than 5 hours between meals (1 possible/day)
-1 more than 5 blocks per meal (-5 possible per day) 

-1 fewer than 3 WODs/week
+0 3 WODs a week
+1 4 WODs a week
+2 5 or more WODs/week 

Bonus points:
+1 64oz of H20 in a day
+1 8+ hours of sleep
+1 if half of carb blocks are from veggies 

-1 for each alcoholic beverage. (-5 possible per day)
-1 for no PWO meal (before leaving the gym)
-1 for less than 3 grams of fish oil/day
-1 for each carbonated beverage 

20 points possible per day for 63 days + 18 possible exercise bonus points
= 1278 possible points.

0-500 points: better luck next time
500-750 points: $25 returned – nice job!
750-1000 points: $50 returned – great work!
1000+ points: $50 returned + free t-shirt – YEAH BUDDY!

Men's and women's prizes for biggest change (%) in blood work and vitals
Men's and women's prizes for body composition change
Men's and women's prizes for most increased performance

We'll be hosting two nutrition workshop's before the Challenge begins.  If you're interested in participating, your attendance is strongly recommended/required.  If you want to participate in CrossFit competitions in 2011, your attendance and participation in the Challenge is HIGHLY recommended.  We'll check everyone's logs each week for accuracy and precision.  

Who's in?  


  1. heather :

    Heather S.

  2. Cherie :

    YAY Heather. I’m in for realz!

  3. Sarah Lev :

    Doing it…,might have to have momma michelle help out but I will do this!

  4. Stacey E :

    I’m in.

  5. Joylyn :

    I-N….I’m in! Love it….and I can still have coffee–all smiles.

  6. Erin :

    Yikes- ya’ll aren’t messing around! I’m in! 🙂

  7. Erin :

    Woo hoo Tanja!!! You are a goddess!

  8. Matt :

    I’m in. This is it!!!

  9. Dawn :

    This is going to be rough, but I am 100% in!!!

  10. Courtney :

    I’m in like Flynn. . . a small jaunt to Mexico mid February is going to require a lot of bouns points on my part but I’m up to the challenge.
    Badass Tanja, badass!!!

  11. Ali Nichols :

    I am in!!!

  12. Tiffany :

    this sounds AWESOME and perfect timing, i’m ready to get OCD on my lifestyle choices again. =)

  13. Tiffany :

    and more importantly…..YAAAAAAAY TANJA!!!!!!!

  14. robyn :

    Tanja you are a goddess, strong work girl:)
    I’m in, see most of you saturday at nutrition if not before!!!!

  15. donna :


  16. Nick :

    In…where do we have to go for the blood work?

  17. Emmalee :

    In. In. In. This will be my first challenge! Congrats on the pull up!!! All smiles from ear to ear mid pull up! Saturday here I come!

  18. Rich :

    I am most certainly IN!!! I witnessed Tanja’s ‘badassery’ last night – you rock! Stoked for adapting the “challenge lifestyle!”
    – Will Log Books be provided or is this something we set up on our own?

  19. JimmyC :

    Yup- 30 is knocking on the door- I would like to enter “oldness” with a six-pack and my best measured WOD times ever… Good idea

  20. Tanja :

    Uh after last night – IN AND IN!! And I have to give credit to Cecily and Joei – the “duh you can do it silly!” was exactly the motivation I needed 🙂

  21. Matt :

    @Rich: we’re working on new log books – badass one’s! But unfortunately they won’t be ready by then, so I would recommend that you buy a simple composition notebook that’s easy to carry.
    @Nick: We’ll arrange the blood work to be completed on a specific couple of days at the gym. I’ll announce that ASAP.
    For those worried about the $$$, remember – you’ll get 50% back if you stay on track for 8 weeks. That’s all it takes. The other $50 goes to the cost of the bloodwork, which every adult needs to have done from time to time. Very indicative to underlying pathologies. $50 is a small price to pay where the end result is the highest level of fitness you’ve ever experienced.

  22. kiley :) :

    pick me pick me!!! im in!

  23. Watson (Dan) :

    Nice work Tanja! Watson’s are in.

  24. Jen :

    The fatty, soon to be 40 year old is in for sure!! How do we pay? Pay online?
    Who is drawing the blood? I may need to bring in EMLA! 🙂

  25. Matt :

    3:28rx’d. Steamer!

  26. Greg B :

    I am in and be prepared to order some
    XXL T- Shirts! I look forward to the camaraderie created by the insanity!

  27. Greg B :

    Hey do the WOD’s need to be at Verve or can they be done at the station or at another location with a witness (Can I get a witness!)

  28. Hillary G :

    Oh geez…nervous and excited but I am IN!

  29. Mas :

    I am in!!! (note the use of three exclamation points as I am very excited)

  30. Joylyn :


  31. Annie :

    Im in……word.

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