Thursday 110121

For time:

25 Push press, 95#(65#)
5 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg)
20 Push press, 95#(65#)
10 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg)
15 Push press, 95#(65#)
15 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg)
10 Push press, 95#(65#)
20 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg)
5 Push press, 95#(65#)
25 Kettlebell swings, 24kg(16kg) 

Post timet to comments.

Dan did you steal Cecily's shirt?

Passion By – CrossFit Lisbeth

Passion is scary. Frightening. Dangerous.

Many people are so scared of their passion that they keep it clamped down tight, hogtied, because they don’t know what to do with it. They are afraid of how out of control they might feel. They’re afraid of their very own power. They try to play “cool” . . .

Don’t be one of those people.

If you love to deadlift, say it. If you love CrossFit, say it. If you love someone, tell them. If you secretly really like rowing and you’re afraid everyone will make fun of you for admitting it, just MTFU and say it. If you love your job (or anything), don’t be afraid to say it — because most likely, people already know. It shows on your face, in your smile, in the madly enthusiastic way you greet the world every day.

Having passion — true passion — for anything is so exciting to behold, so thrilling and intoxicating to the human spirit, that we get a contact “high” off other people’s passion. And it fuels us to do more. (Or it should, if we can keep our ego and our envy in check.)

So don’t waste your life being “cool” — be a passionate fool. For CrossFit, for love, for anything. Life is way too short to do or be anything less. 


  1. Caitlin :

    I <3 squats

  2. d :

    I heart lunges. But I also recognize the value in being cool.
    Heads up: a guy shoveling snow for the neighbor this a.m. told me they are going to start towing cars when we park in their lot beginning next month.

  3. Cherie :

    I love climbing and barbells!

  4. Cruz :

    Even though I’m not that great at them, I really do love kipping pull-ups. I long for the day when I can do the butterfly, however…

  5. robyn :

    I love wallballs and kettlebells <3
    I also love reading and hiking!

  6. Greg B :

    Movies and reading are to of my passions. If you ever need a movie buddy and I am not working I am in. And for the record chick flix are not off limits.

  7. Luke :

    I love Star Wars. I love my wife. Not in that order. I love oly-lifts. I love. . . lamp. Yes. I love lamp.

  8. James :

    I love rowing. And I hate rowing. Both equally passionately.
    Also, I love each and every person at Crossfit Verve but am too cool to admit it.

  9. Joylyn :

    I love laughing so hard that I have tears running down my face, and I love making someone else do the same. I love watching someone do something extraordinary, and every once in a while doing the same myself.
    I love lifting heavy shit, deadlifts, squats and the inner gymnast that’s hiding deep down inside of me.

  10. Jeff "CueBall" :

    I love the community cause we all except one another for who we truly are with no facades.
    I love that after a crappy day, I can shut out the entire world during a WOD.
    I love to powerlift, row and make my body do something my mind didn’t think could happen.

  11. Cess :

    I love my husband (& his smedium shirts), crossfit verve, reading, our puppers, & smiling with friends (that includes all of you verve peeps). Oh & I love running, I do not love rowing.

  12. Dan W :

    I love my wife, and her boobs… long live the extra smedium Barbells for Boobs t-shirt 😉
    I’m with Luke on Olympic lifts, Cruz on kipping pull-ups and I absolutely love the community at Verve!

  13. kiley :

    I love Verve, kettelbells, power cleaning, and peaches. I love my family, friends, job and waking up every morning and sweating with the 6am Crew!! I love box jumps, now that I can link them, and most of all I love to laugh, smile and VERVE!!!

  14. Dawn :

    I love workouts that make me want to cry, so pretty much every WOD, I love sports with a passion, learning, laughing and awesome conversations that make you think about something in a way you never expected to. And love the community at Verve..y’all are awesome!!!

  15. Jeff "CueBall" :

    9:06 w/ 65# PP and 20kg KB
    Shoulders were feeling it on last few rounds, rested bar on ground instead of rack position = more time wasted. Breathing was more difficult towards the end as well, had to tell myself to breath.

  16. Dustin :

    I love Arugula pesto Marscapone from Lala’s and will never give up its none-paleo nutrients!! I love my dog, my wife, and 7k Rows!!

  17. Cherie :

    Rest day! YES – CC

  18. Annie :

    I love crossfit as much as I like sitting in a cafe with a perfect cup of coffee and the paper. I also love it as much as cruising on my bike with the head phones in soaking up the Colorado sun. Oh crossfit, I heart you…even though my homies think I’m in a cult.

  19. Nat :

    5:54 Rx. I def. need to work on getting my head through the bar and keeping my core tight on my push press. I enjoyed the workout though.

  20. JimmyC :

    6:09- nat… I’m on you heels son. I bet I win Fridays WOD.

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