Thursday 110203

For time:

10 Thrusters, 135# (95#)
50 Double unders

8 Thrusters, 135# (95#)
40 Double unders

6 Thrusters, 135# (95#)
30 Double unders

4 Thrusters, 135# (95#)
20 Double unders

2 Thrusters, 135# (95#)
10 Double unders

Post time to comments.
Welcome Bo, fresh out of Foundations.  

If you like salmon, I know you will love it spiced up!  This little tasty number will keep you warm inside all night long.

Salmon burger

18 oz of canned salmon (Crown Prince Alaskan Salmon had the lowest sodium) -12P
1/3 cup of chopped green onions – freebie
2 Tbs of chopped chipotle peppers that are in adobo sauce – freebie
1/4 cup of chopped cilantro – freebie
Juice of one lime – that's right, freebie
3 sweet potatoes – we will get to that
1 Tbs of coconut oil – ditto
Mrs. Dash 

Paleo Mayo:
1 raw egg -1P
5 tsp olive oil -15 F
3 Tbs yellow mustard  
1/2 lemon -0.5C
Dash of cayenne

Pre-heat the oven to 300 F.  Place the onions, peppers, cilantro, and lime juice in a food processor and give it a couple of mixes.  Add the salmon and some Mrs. Dash to the mix and hit the pulse button on the processor a few times until all of the salmon is mixed in. Place mixture in a bowl and store in the fridge.  Then, clean out the processor.  

Skin the three sweet potatoes and place in that processor that you just cleaned so well to make some sweet potatoes chips using the slicing attachment.  If you do not have a food processor, fret not.  Just cut the sweet potato in thin slices.  Place sweet potato chips in a resealable bag.  Melt the coconut oil in the microwave and then coat the chips that are in the bag.  Sprinkle the potatoes with cinnamon and cayenne powder for a little gusto.  Cook the chips at 300F for 25 minutes stirring occasionally.  Once they are done, let stand for ten to fifteen minutes so they can crisp up.  

On nutritiondata, 1oz of sweet potato is equal to 5g of Carbs.  We need a total of 27g of carbs for our meal, so we would use our scale and load it up with a little over 5oz of sweet potato chips.  I am not counting the coconut oil as it will mostly dissipate due to the long cook time.     

Now back to the burgers, split the salmon mixture into 4 equal patties.  They will measure out to 5oz each.  Cook on the grill for 5-10 minutes on each side and you are good to go! Top with 1 tsp of paleo mayo and POW!!  That salmon just jumped out of the water and gave you a dorsal fin to the chops!

Four meals at 3P 3C 3F


  1. Slaughter :

    Welcome Bo!
    Nice work on the WOD yesterday!

  2. donna :

    2 tips:
    1) If you buy 10 gallons of gas at Shell you get a buy one get one free lift ticket to Crested Butte, Winter Park, Copper, and several other mountains.
    2) Not that Mrs. Dash isn’t an interesting melange of flavor, but if anyone is interested in expanding on the spice front, Savory on Platte St. has awesome pre-mixed rubs for meat, fish, and chicken. I might buy some for Mrs. Chan, so she can put down the Mrs. Dash.

  3. robyn :

    OMG< I LOVE THE SAVORY SPICE SHOP!!! They have a lot of salt free varieties as well. Donna, i think it's the Godinez family that you want to share the spices with as well, i think that Mas is the recipe master.

  4. Amanda K. :

    This looks super yum!
    Thrusters are my nemesis. Must figure them out. 9:10 75#.

  5. Emmalee Moore :

    5:42 Rx unbroken is my goal next time.

  6. Mas :

    Maybe Mrs. Dash needs a shake every once and a while when Mr. Dash is at work. Whaaa!?!?

  7. Matt :

    Donna – I would welcome the gift… or at least the address. Is this the shop down the street from Proto’s?
    3:28 Rx’d. Unbroken except for a slit up on the 30 rep round. A :20 second PR.

  8. I’ve been meaning to get to the spice shop! The Costco version of Mrs. Dash can get a bit old at times. Perhaps if I tempt a fellow CrossFitter to get a coffee with me at REI? Then we can wander over to Savory?

  9. donna :

    Yes, it’s a few doors down from Proto’s.

  10. Dan W :

    They make awesome curry powders too. I’m whippin up some tikka masala with veg & steak right now!

  11. Greg B :

    Dan what tie will it be ready I am on my way…

  12. Jeff "CueBall" :

    8:35 sub’d 95# for thrusters and did half the DUs to stay under 10 min. Did link the most DUs in a long time and got 11 on the first round! This is a must do before ever WOD now.

  13. Kim :

    For those who live south, there’s a Savory on Main St. in downtown Littleton – Best spices I’ve ever used (and I have a ton of spices). There’s a Penzy spice in downtown Littleton as well.

  14. SnowDotCom :

    Crossfit is a great workout. Possibly one of the best out there. In fact our entire Breckenridge Freeride Team does Crossfit to prepare themselves for the season.
    After all hucking 65 foot jumps takes a toll on your body. Here’s an interview with Scott Ferguson, the ownder of Crossfit Breckenridge:

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