Thursday 110217

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 minutes:

Row 250m
20 Jumping pull-ups
Run 200m
15 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

Post rounds to comments.

Narrow grip 3-board bench w/ band suspended KB's

Introducing Hot Dogs & Cup Cakes

Hot Dogs & Cup Cakes was born eight months ago as a project that Matt and Adrian Bozman came up with as a collaborative effort to address weaknesses they had.  These deficiencies were considered too great to simply rely on the workout of the day bring them up to speed.

After months of testing, tweaking, and progress completed by Matt, Boz, Cherie, Joylyn, and Mas, the program was unveiled to all that wished to participate in early January.  The HD&CC program is to be used in conjunction with the WOD, not as a substitute.  We'll develop your athleticism by focusing on barbell movements executed in both maximal efforts and dynamic efforts.  We'll also spend time developing the Olympic lifts and advanced gymnastics skills.  Of course, we'll improve your running efforts at various distances.

Box squatting 305# + 125# in band tension (at the top), 12×2 reps

For example, yesterday's HD&CC WOD was as follows:
Dynamic effort floor press, 9×3 reps @ 45% + tons 'o chain
Narrow grip 3 board press, 3x max reps w/ 24kg (16kg) suspended from bands
Accumulate 1:00 of front lever practice, every time you break, max handstand hold
Accumulate 1:00 of L-sit practice, every time you break, max toes to bar 

This program is not intended for beginners, rather best utilized by athletes who have 3 months or more experience at CrossFit Verve.  Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case by case basis and may require some personal training prior to starting HD&CC. 


  1. Matt :

    I must say – I love my cup cakes! You guys are the best and it’s so great seeing so many of your make such huge progress and try new things. Even Nat is learning to use his little triceps 😉

  2. Slaughter :

    I would love some time to sit down (or stand whatever) and get the macro view of HD & CC. I think it’s great to develop something additional (with a plan) to improve areas which we feel need improvement.

  3. robyn :

    LOVE me some Hot Dogs & Cup Cakes!!! It has been really fun, especially getting to work on skills not for time!
    Thanks to the great coaches, and when do we get our HD & CC shirts??? You know we all want one:)
    Kettlebell bench press with boards = fun times but can get wobbly!

  4. Tobias Coffin :

    I agree Robyn, I want a HD & CC shirt! That’d be sweet! (Partial pun intended; I think). And the class is awesome too. I get to learn so much cool stuff that I normally wouldn’t get in a WOD and I can already feel it making me stronger. Fun Stuff! Thank you coaches!

  5. Ali Nichols :

    HD & CC is awesome! I have seen some great improvements in my strength. I can’t wait till work slows down and I can get back to it. Overall…the class rocks my socks off!
    On another note…Luke – awesome class this morning! Thanks for all of your encouragement:)

  6. Emmalee :

    I am diggin the recent added classes both the HD&CC and Oly classes. I have noticed great increase on everything:) BTW The 3 board bench press with Kettle bells was one tastey treat!

  7. Amanda K. :

    Can’t wait to join back into HD&CC! When’s the next wave start up?

  8. Erin :

    I’m looking forward to joining HD&CC one day too. Until then, I have plenty of weaknesses to work on during WODs!

  9. Cess :

    2 things: I was wondering if it is beneficial to go if you can only make some of the sessions – it seems like it’s meant to be done as a whole & have felt bad going back & forth on attendence. Secondly, I’ve been doing 5 days a week regular class & adding 3 other workouts in for HD&CC was tiring (when I did it) – would you suggest HD&CC “replacing” a regular class?

  10. Matt :

    The questions about whether HD&CC would be okay instead of a WOD seem to come up all the time, so here’s my thought on the matter.
    The strength and conditioning aspects of a CrossFit WOD are unmatched in adaptational responses. If you are looking to improve strength and work on higher level gymnastic skills without concern for power output (Power = force x distance / time) then HD&CC would be a good idea. I.e. practice.
    To address the homies who can’t make every single one of the HD&CC sessions, don’t stress about not making ALL of them. But if it seems like you are going to miss more than 1 a week, stick to the CFV WOD. Managing your volume is completely up to you – you must listen to your body and do what is right so that you don’t exhibit signs and symptoms of overtraining.
    These sessions are organized in 4 week waves, so starting the next one would be ideal. Check the board at the gym for dates.

  11. Kiley :

    love me some hot dogs and cup cakes!! And love the peps that do it with me. Last night was super fun with the kb board press!! Can’t wait to do it again. A HUGE thanks to Matt and Mas for taking extra time to train us and make us stronger 🙂

  12. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Did today’s WOD 5 rds with a 200M run sub’d 14# MB. Shoulder is much stronger after the last week, WBs felt good.
    Followed up w/ Luke’s Oly Lift Class and it was AWESOME!!!! HD&CC is schweeet too, don’t get me wrong but peps you got to check this class out! Never did a 1 rep max C&J before and Luke coached me to 185#!!!!

  13. Nat :

    Love HD&CC… it is worth the time.
    5 rounds + 1 + 14 wb Rx…..For the record, I did smoke Zac in the 1st 200 meters:)

  14. Joylyn :

    Fun wod: 4rds + 50m RX…..could be fun at 30min AMRAP too ;0
    I <3 HDCC

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