Thursday 110407

On a 10:00 (12:00) running clock:

Row 2k
Then, with remaining time reach a 3RM weighted dip

Post dip weight (including bodyweight) to comments.

Jamey doing speed deads, plus chain at HD&CC

What About Supplements?

We hear this question all the time.  Sometimes our answers are not what people really want to hear either – "fish oil and that's it."  So let me explain what I take and why and maybe that will help alleviate some of your curiosity on the subject.  

First, let me start off by saying that I do not recommend taking any supplements without visiting your doctor and having some blood work done.  Next, consider that I weigh 210# and my dietary needs may be (probably are) completely different from yours – including supplement dosage.  When trying a new supplement, start with the recommended dosage and tweak it based on your results.  Remember, more does not equate to better in the world of supplements.

Fish oil: 10-15 grams of EPA/DHA daily depending on my physical condition.  Fish oil boasts too numerous of benefits to name here.  Some of them are; decreased inflammation, increased cardiovascular health, improved brain function, and decreased incidence of depression and psychosis.  I recommend starting with 5 grams daily, spreading that dosage out over the three main meals of the day.

Some days require more fish oil than others

Creatine Ethyl Ester – 3 grams post-WOD.  Creatine is shown to increase muscular endurance, increase muscle mass and strength, and improve recovery time.  A benefit of CEE over creatine monohydrate is that it is more absorbable to the cell.  This eliminates the dreaded "creatine bloating".  Taking Creatine Ethyl Ester is a no-brainer.  The benefits will assist you on your path to elite fitness (or even moderate fitness).

Vitamin D: 5,000 IU's daily.  Low levels of Vitamin D are linked to a decrease in athletic performance, poor insulin sensitivity, increased inflammation, and a whole host of metabolic pathologies.  During the summer months, you can get adequate Vitamin D by exposing 40% of your skin to direct sunlight for 20 minutes a day.  

ZMA: 1 dose (450mg of Magnesium, 30mg of Zinc, 11mg B-6) daily before bed.  Research has shown that a ZMA supplement for athletes decreases cortisol levels in the bloodstream and boosting testosterone production.  Now, I'm not talking about women waking up with "man voices" or beards, but enough that it could benefit strength gains.  It has also shown to improve deep sleep, which benefits us with improved recovery and positive metabolic benefits.

Lastly, Whey protein: 22 grams (3 blocks of PRO).  I have a whey protein powder shake (powder in water) after every workout.  I use it as my PWO snack and I balance the meal with three blocks of carbs and three blocks of fat.  Whey has the dream amino acid profile to improve athletic performance and enhance recovery.  On the downside, it is a dairy product, making it a non-paleo food.  Who cares, it's benefits far outreach the boundaries of eating like a caveman.

First, ask this question: is my diet dialed in to the point at which I would truly benefit from adding these supplements, or should I address what's currently entering my piehole?  


  1. Erin :

    Love this post! Aside from fish oil, which I truly think might be the greatest thing known to man, I’m working on what I’m shoving in the aforementioned piehole.

  2. Rich :

    Matt – can HD&CC be started at any time or are there “waves” of when a first timer to HD&CC should start?

  3. Chris :

    Will you eloborate on the PWO? You say you drink a shake post then balance it with 3 blocks of carbs and fat. Do you eat with the shake? I have read carbs are needed to deliver the whey. What would be a good complement to the shake since most protien powders have very little carbs?

  4. Dan Y :

    Great post!!!

  5. bill :

    I’ve also heard the same about creatine, that’s why brands like celltech have a lot of sugar. I hate all the conflicting/bogus info on supplements, I have to try hard enough to get the right foods. I have protein powder handy for post workout or pre if I haven’t had a meal within 2-3hrs.

  6. beck :

    What I’ve read regarding PWO, it is best when consumed in first 30 min after exercise, and a whey + carb is best to replenish muscle glycogen stores.

  7. cherie :

    If anyone needs or wants to redo or do Open WOD 11.3 Zac is willing to hang from 1pm to 2pm tomorrow, Friday.

  8. David S :

    7:58 Row 207 Dip

  9. Rich :

    Row: 7:42
    Dips: 170(BW)+49 = 219

  10. Sergio :

    This is excellent! Thank you!

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