Thursday 110414


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

Please be careful out there with the backwards running.

Post time to comments.

Carri's new to Verve, but she ain't afraid! 

And the winners are…

It was a long nine weeks and and even longer two weeks in anticipation.  Waiting to see who are the crowed winners! There are a total of six winners.  One male and one female from each category; biggest change (%) in blood work/bio-markers, body composition change, and most increased performance.  There are also several athletes who hit some point milestones.

500-750 points: half $ back ($25)
750-1000 points: All $ returned ($50)
1000+ points: all $ returned + 1 free t'shirt.

While tonight we announce the winners of the biggest most notable changes in bloodwork/bio-markers.  This was a tough category as several athletes saw some significant changes.

The female winner dropped 42 points off her total cholesterol; pre-challenge 266, post-challenge 224.  Her LDL's (lousy cholesterol) went down by over 44%, from 162 pre, to 90 post. Finally the last shocker her blood pressure was a 130/98 pre challenge and dropped to 118/91.  This amazing female went from a blood profile heading toward sick, to a blood profile heading toward fit in 9 weeks.  

Congratulations on your health KATIE MALONE.  Katie you won not only a significantly improved blood panel, but a free month at Verve!  Way to be!

Our male winner also saw some significant changes.  He dropped 32 points off of his total cholesterol; pre-challenge 175, post-challenge 143. Most  notably his blood pressure was a 150/110 pre challenge and dropped to 109/64.  This amazing male sent his blood pressure that was nearing med's to the blood pressure of an athlete. 

Congratulations on your health JIM RILEY.  Jim you won not only a significantly improved in your health but a free month at Verve!  Way to be!

Both athletes are a part of the 6am cult and have been VERY consistent athletes at Verve sense joining on. It is no surprise that when they set their minds to, it they were able to affect big changes.  Congrats to all athletes, this was a tough competition.  More winners tomorrow night! 


  1. Erin :

    That is incredible!!! Congratulations to you both! It looks like you’ve earned yourselves many more years of Crossfitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ali :

    Way to kill it 6am peeps and Congrats to all!

  3. Donna :

    6 am! Congrats Katie and Jim!

  4. robyn :

    Absolutely Fabulous Katie and Rich. Congrats on the awesome changes, and keep up the good work!

  5. Annie :

    Bravo to Katie, Jim and the rest of the group that put their all into this challenge. So many amazing people, and the best support system ever!

  6. Matt :

    Really proud of the two of you! Way to take control of you lives (in the truest sense). Keep it up.

  7. Sarah Lev :

    6AM is obviously the best!!! YAY you 2!

  8. Beck :

    Katie and Jim are awesome!

  9. CONGRATS!!!

  10. Amanda K. :

    Yay! That is super awesome. Congrats to you both!

  11. Slaughter :

    w00t w00t. Congrats to the winners!
    P.S. Running backwards in the snow? I hope it melts! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Jim :

    Thanks for the kind words and congratulations, guys! While itโ€™s great to be called out for the results, Iโ€™ve really enjoyed seeing the folks that Iโ€™ve been lucky enough to workout with make significant changes as well as achieving meaningful breakthroughs with their performance. I found progressing through this challenge to be absolutely fascinating โ€“ from feeling like crap for the first few days, finding the importance of properly prepping before each week begins, to easily maintaining (and enjoying) a Paleo/Zone lifestyle. It was also alarming to feel the effect of straying from the Paleo structure while I was traveling for work last week (there is a definite reason why Louisiana is one of the unhealthiest states). Now, I completely agree with the notion that food is a drug. A big thanks to Cherie, Matt and everyone who put together this challenge โ€“ it was a lot of fun and life changing! Also, a big thank you to all of the exceptional members and trainers who show up each day – the encouragement, support and competition is unparallel.

  13. bill :

    Congrats katie and jim! There’s two things I hate worse than running, OHS and running bacwards

  14. Katie :

    Thanks!! I appreciate all the kind words! I agree with all that Jim said and yay for improved blood panels!

  15. Dan Watson :

    Congrats to you both! 44% LDL reduction and 41/46 drop in BP… WOW.

  16. greg b :

    Outstanding results and commitment from both of you. Way to go.

  17. This is a good habit. Setting everything before anything else.

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