Thursday 110526

Ten rounds for time of:

10 Dumbell squat cleans, 40# (25#)
10 Chest slapping push-ups 

Post time to comments.

Old school park style, who's ready for more this summer?

"It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."  Would you agree with that?  It takes a special type of person to come in expecting a total beat down and to walk away with a smile on their face.  We promise you one thing after today's WOD: "Stronger than yesterday."  


  1. Matt :

    All time favorite hotel wod. I have literally done this workout 20+ times in 4 years and it’s always a challenge.

  2. D.Y. :

    oooooph, brutal WOD. Glad I’m at work all day.

  3. David S :

    19:53 RX

  4. Cruz :

    This workout was brutal indeed. Thanks to Joylyn and Jon for pushing me through. <29 minutes (30#/Rx). I'll have to remember this one for the road...
    Have a great and safe weekend all!

  5. Cruz :

    Whoops; meant to say >29 minutes…

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