Thursday 110616

For time:

10 Deadlifts, 275#/185#
50 AbMat sit-ups

8 Deadlifts, 275#/185#
40 AbMat sit-ups


2 Deadlifts, 275#/185#
10 AbMat sit-ups

Post time to comments. 

Ever wonder where all the Verve athletes get their tattoos from?  Shakey Josh!

The Clothes Make the CrossFitter

Like most communities, CrossFitters seem to follow general trends in athletic wear.  The demands seem to be simple, but hard to fulfill: functional, doesn't restrict full range of motion, and looks presentable.  It's not a surprise that when an athlete discovers an article of clothing that meets these requirements, word spreads and the whole gym then is sporting the new gear.

Lady CrossFitters have discovered Lululemon pants and shorts.  Despite being slightly more expensive than other options, they meet the requirements set forth above.  They also have a way of allowing the ladies to look feminine even while box squatting with a safety squat bar and chains.  

The fellas have always been fond of board shorts, maybe because of CrossFit's roots in Santa Cruz, CA.  But over the years, we've refined our search and have found board shorts like the O'neill Superfreaks – stretchy, stylish, breathable, and fairly inexpensive (since the ladies are spending all the $$$ on Lulu).  

Of course, CrossFit affiliate shirts make up the vast majority of the shirts being worn in the gym and the shoes worn in the gym range from flats to Chuck Taylors.  Do you have a favorite type of clothing that you can't workout without?  


  1. Rick :

    It would be nice if there were alternatives to cotton affiliate shirts. Cotton is great for hanging out, but it’s not the best for working out .

  2. Dan :

    Shout out for the Merril Trail Gloves. I really think they’re the best minimalist shoe out there right now. Love to run in them and just about anything else.
    Also, love my oly shoes (any brand) for OHS, Snatch, FS and Squat Cleans or anything else that requires a deep squat with an upright chest while holding lots weight.
    One last piece that I don’t wear much but I’m really happy I have are my wrist splint/straps/wraps. Cummulative strain from wide grip OHSes and front squats was really becoming a problem and I couldn’t even to a pushup because my wrists were really aching. problem fixed. (find them online at elitefts)(their shipping cost is like 12 bucks. booo).

  3. Cess :

    Knee High Socks! Why – because they’re pretty much awesome & come in sweet colors, but they are functional when doing things like rope climbs and deadlifts by protecting my shins. Also, one of those “live & learn” crossfit things is a good pair of capri’s as they “protect” my knees during burpees & the bootay when practicing the muscle up progression with bands

  4. bjackson :

    Oh, fashion….now that’s a subject I can really get motivated about!!!
    For all you women out there who were not blessed with the sleek and beautiful small chest of the classic Verve athlete I have an amazing sports bra recommendation. Natori Convertible Underwire Performance Sports Bra #731439 is so amazing. This underwire sports style bra is so comfy while being massively supportive, which, as all of you endowed females know is hard to come by. The straps can be made to crisscross or just you average shoulder strap. Unfortunately it only comes in white and beige :(…but it works like a charm!

  5. Ali Nichols :

    Yes…Doing a WOD with a bad sports bra is just a bad experience. For all you smaller ladies out there I have found the most perfect thing ever! It is made for smaller girls and its called “Handful.” (Because all you need is a handful) This thing is amazing because it gives you a little more umph and protects you from showing off those headlights:) Check it out…,default,pd.html?dwvar_853346_color=PINK

  6. Luke :

    9:29, as rx’d. I’ll take that time for a work-out with two of my bigger deficiencies.

  7. Luke :

    And, on a completely different note… I found a recipe for chocolate-dipped-bacon. My head just about exploded. Matt, Cherie… Im sorry. But it’s chocolate-dipped bacon! And, it’s from an olympic lifting website that promotes a paleo, grain free diet. Stay snacky my friends…

  8. Flip :

    9:11 RX’d

  9. Brad K :

    7:00 RX’d

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