Thursday 110707


Three rounds for time of:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts, Bodyweight
21 Box jumps, 20"

Post time to comments. 

Lara getting strong with chains and hot dogs.

Ladies this post is for you.  Gentlemen, time to surf your other favorite websites.

I'm hear to tell you we all hate our bodies or at the very least go through phases that we do.  Every single one of us has body image issues.  You know those CrossFit girls who seem to have all the confidence in the world and walk around in short shorts and tiny shirts?  Every single one of them has bodies insecurities, believe it, it's true.  We are all in the same boat with this one.  I have come to believe that it is in our biological make up to be crazy about our looks.  I mean that makes sense right?  Our biological goal is to meet a mate and how are we going to do that if we don't look like what we think is our best, and generally that is a skewed version of what we are feed as girls.  And I hate to say it the behaviors of our men and the men around us.

Well I doubt we will be able to fight thousands of years of evolution. So what can we do?  Keep reinforcing the idea that strong is beautiful.  Understand that breakable is not attractive, but capable is.  Continue to fight the weight taboo.  The scale does not define us.  The scale isn't even a depiction of the truth.  Do the things that make us feel good. Confidence is far more attractive then skinny ever will be.

I was inspired to write this rant, because I came across yet another beautiful women feeling as though she was in some way unattractive.  While I've always thought of her a strong a beautiful.  Her outlook was spot on, her story is all too familiar.  Check out Julie Bauer's "Finding my inner strength" post here: PaleOMG 

So ladies the facts are these; do the things you know you need to do to be healthy and leave the worrying behind.  Eat to feel good (I mean really good not, real bad), workout hard and intensely, get sunshine, laugh and love as often as possible.  The rest doesn't matter, and is probably just in your head anyways.


  1. Dan W. :

    Well, I read the post anyway (and JB’s for that matter), and all I have to say is that Verve (and CF in general, but especially Verve) is filled with the most attractive people I have ever met. It’s a valuable life lesson when one learns of the impact of the people they surround themself with with. I feel blessed to have been introduced to some of the most beautiful people I have ever met through CF (in every way you can interpret that word).
    Thank you to all of the beautiful ladies of Verve, especially mine, for making my life better on a daily basis!

  2. Leslie :

    I am super lucky in that I never fell into the annorexia/ bulimia phase when I was young and never felt bad about being a few pounds over my goal weight. I had a roommate in college that survived off hard candy, jello and salad while doing 3+ hours a day on the stairmaster.
    I remember a few years back realizing how I would never look like a 6 foot model on the cover of a magazine. I was standing next to a friend who has short legs and a long torso. She had the tiny waist I always envied- I had the long legs she always wanted. I measured the space with my fingers between my hip bone and my rib. I had barley 1″, she had 4″+ (and lower back problems because of that). I had no room on my body for a tiny waste. How this fact escaped me my entire life was shocking to me. I had always thought if I did the right exercise, weighted less or had some surgery- then I would have the tiny waste that I had been seeing on actresses/models that I envied. I never thought that my body shape- no matter what I did- didn’t have room for that hour glass shape. Julie’s blog hits home because the ideal in our head often doesn’t match the body we were given. Trying to reconcile this is often a life long struggle for some people.
    I have gradually become proud of my physic. Hard work and aging has helped but also having friends and family that think I’m beautiful inside and out. Crossfit has made me excited to do things I thought I could never do. I am slowly overcoming fears that I have had my entire life. Everyone at Verve has a different body shape and that is wonderful. We are all trying to move to the right on Cherie’s chart and improve our overall health, strength and endurance. I still have work to do and every WOD brings me that much closer to being more fit and happy but not a tiny waste- I will just have to focus on my long legs 🙂

  3. Stef :

    Goodnight!!! I love my gym. Thank you, Cherie, for the post. It’s crazy how this deception/fear/thought creeps up into… every woman (Addie… are you there yet?) Society has definitely been on point of marketing super super skinny as accepted and what’s beautiful.
    I love Crossfit and the lovely women, honest and strong women in my life. I don’t really seem to agree with what’s marketed as beautiful anymore. I believe seeing someone who takes that much time and effort to take care of themselves is a beautiful and strong trait! Seriously, seeing the heart and courage to come in and go after these WODs, (smoking guys?) it’s effing bad ass!!!
    Juli, so proud of you for the honesty… Verve, love to you. And, holy shit I’m getting excited for Chan2 in the Games!

  4. joanna :

    Geez, I <3 you all!!

  5. Julie :

    CrossFit allows us to surround ourselves with real women who are working on their weaknesses and getting strong. I disagree that our insecurities are mostly biological – young children don’t have these feelings or accompanying body issues. Societal norms and pressures to conform to the skinny model ideal of beauty, or hourglass shape (in the U.S.) are destructive and we internalize these beliefs. The voice in our head starts up, reinforced by hyper-sexual ads, commercials, and those we want to mate with in most cases.
    Keep doing the work to stay fit!
    Julie Estlick – EmerFit member

  6. Leslie :

    I meant waist! Not waste. I can’t spell!!

  7. Courtney :

    Thank you Cherie for writing this post and thank you to Juli for your blog. When I was in college and in a sorority all I wanted was to be skinny and have a flat stomach (you know to look good in a bikini and get the boy’s attention). I spent many hours on a treadmill and doing crunches to achieve these goals without ever having an understanding of what it means to be strong and capable. This is the absolute most comfortable I have been in my own skin in 30 yrs and I owe that to Crossfit and the many people I’ve met along the way since starting it. I’m not skinny and my stomach isn’t flat but I AM STRONG AND CAPABLE and more over I AM HAPPY. I love my flaws and imperfections and enjoy working on them, without I wouldn’t be Courtney. Thank you for helping me see it, laugh about, maybe cry a little about it, and overall look forward to more of it.

  8. James (O.G.) :

    I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with the following rant. I certainly don’t intend to offend anyone, particularly not Ms. Bauer, who, ironically, I’ve had a Crossfit Crush on ever since I saw her at Regionals.
    First off, I don’t think insecurity is a distinctly female problem. Men have rampant insecurity as well, we just have it in different areas – we don’t make enough money, we don’t push ourselves hard enough, we aren’t smart enough, we don’t dress well enough, we aren’t strong enough, our thingies aren’t big enough.
    Second, I don’t think that insecurity, in and of itself, is a bad thing. I think that our problem is that we look at insecurities as weakness. Some of the greatest leaders/athletes/heroes this world has ever known have been driven by insecurity. Napoleon was spurred by his inferiority complex to become one of the greatest rulers in history. Michael Jordan got cut by his high school basketball team and used that as motivation to become the greatest basketball player who ever lived.
    The problem is not insecurity – the problem is how one reacts to insecurity. If you use it as motivation to become healthier, stronger, better, it’s actually a benefit. If you let it drive you to unhealthy behaviors or prevent you from doing something that you want to do, it’s bad. This is no different than anything else in life. If you injure your back deadlifting, you can either quit deadlifting and consign yourself to back problems your entire life or you can address your weaknesses, rehab your back, and come back stronger than ever.
    I think that Crossfit attracts people who want to conquer adversity instead of succumbing to it. What Juli’s post said to me is exactly that – she’s not going to let her insecurities, or anything else for that matter, stop her from being the best she can be at what she wants to do. That, to me, is Crossfit in a nutshell.

  9. bjackson :

    This is always so hard to hear from the people that you idealize in our everyday world. It somehow squashes a tiny corner of hope that one day I could, thru hard work, obtain an amazing, strong, capable body like many of the amazing women I work out with and be so content that all my worries melt like lemon drops….not so it seems.
    Although I don’t know Juli I wanted to post this response, unfortunately I can’t figure out how so I’ll leave for y’all to contemplate.
    Wow, I commend you for your courage. Writing something that intimate and waving it around in front of all of your biggest fans took guts. That being said, I was slightly saddened by your post. You don’t know me but I was one of the many crossfitters at the games who sat sideline saying, “holy S***! Look at how strong that chick is….F*ing amazing!!” I had the overwhelming feeling that thru hard work and discipline I too could accomplish such feats in athleticism and performance, and that thought developed into a belief that at that point I would no longer obsess about my physical body….I would just suddenly look and feel as amazing as you and all my irrational insecurities would dissolve into nothingness leaving me, finally satiated for once in my life. In fact I was in the stands making jokes about my goals in crossfit. While others were saying they wanted to master a muscle up or some other super human trick I said my goal is much more superficial. I just want to be able to show up in front of all of these people and walk around in a pair of workout shorts that everyone would be asking themselves if they were shorts or if I wore my underwear to the games. It got a ton of laughs but now realism is settling in and I am discovering that if our beliefs shape our reality then I must change my belief about myself in order to fulfill my lifelong dream of loving my physical body just the way it is. If I find any more answers along the way I’ll be sure to share them with you.
    Thanks again,

  10. Ali Nichols :

    This post (including Juli’s blog) is simply awesome! A couple weeks ago, I tried putting on last summer’s shorts. Well after my first year of crossfitting, my body has made crazy changes and those shorts don’t really fit like they use to. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “well, if my legs are gonna be big…they might as well be strong!” If crossfit has taught me one thing….it is to respect my body. Taking care of myself physically, emotionally and nutritionally has far greater benefits than allowing the daily insecurities of life get in my way. However, more often than not that is easier said than done. And when my mind gets clouded with negativity, I turn to all of you! It is posts like these that re-focus my attention on what is truly important in life. We are all very blessed to be on the same path together. Verve Family – Thank you for keeping my mind and body strong. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  11. bill :

    That’s a good post cherie, and the longest comments on any I’ve seen. Everyone has insecurities, male/female. I’ve seen little guys that wanted nothing but to be big/powerful, and I’ve also seen the biggest/strongest guy i’ve ever known act like an idiot feeling like he had to back up his physique and the attention he got. I know its different with women, they seem to equate small with feminine, and muscle definition with masculine, but that’s not the way it is. I sat back and people watched at regionals, and out of any beach,club, bodybuilding show,or party I had ever been to that had the highest ratio of attractive people I had ever seen, that says something about crossfits lifestyle.

  12. Jim D. :

    11:04 rx’d

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