Thursday 110721

Seven rounds for time:

3 Muscle-ups
7 Push-press, 115#/75#
21 Jumps to target 18" above reach

Post time to comments.

2011 CrossFit Games

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.  The goal is to increase work capacity across broad time, and modal domains for as many years as possible.  CrossFit is creating happier and healthier communities around Denver and around the world.  CrossFit is shifting recreation away from food, alcohol, and inactivity in favor of pursuing the unimaginable.

CrossFit is NOT the CrossFit Games.  The CrossFit Games are simply the proving ground for what the human body is capable of.  Just as a track and field event like the high jump demonstrates how high a human can leap, the CrossFit Games prove the human body can be prepared for anything.  It is a venue for CrossFitters to celebrate their sport and the activity that they find so pleasurable.

So who's going?  If you aren't going, would you be interested in getting together to watch the Games live feed?  The biggest weekend for our common interest is next weekend – don't miss it… it's going to be incredible!!!


  1. Pat Sherwood is a hairy, hairy man.

  2. Dan Y. :

    hahaha, this video is every where. love it….. GAMES!!!!!

  3. Greg :

    Stache power is in!

  4. Courtney :

    I heart Crossfit, I heart the Crossfit Games, and I heart Pat Sherwood and this video!!!!! I’m not going but I promise I’ll be watching, man am I excited for this!!

  5. AnnieCam :

    I would love to get together and watch it somewhere!

  6. Rich :

    Tried out the 5:30AM class today – things went well! 17:48 Rx’d

  7. Dan. Y :

    Hey, I thought I’d share a really cool Harvard website about the new trends in running barefoot/minimalist shoes, like we do at Verve. Check it out:

  8. em w :

    hey! anyone interested in playing softball tonight at Lincoln park (near-ish to Lodo)? (9:30) we are short a couple of guys for our co-ed team… but at this point a girl would be great too!!
    If so, send me a txt – 202-567-1739 🙂

  9. scott andrews :

    Can i sleep on your gym floor over that weekend of watching the Games live feed? If so and my lady doesn’t mind me vanishing for a few days i’m down to party!!!

  10. David S :

    17:10 RX

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