Thursday 110804

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 …

Sumodeadlift High Pull, 95# (65#)
Ring Dips
200m Run

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Cruz pulling some serious weight.

A common slogan that gets echoed across the CrossFit community is, "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."  Would you agree with that?  It takes a special type of person to come in expecting a total beat down and to walk away with a smile on your face, looking forward to tomorrow.  We promise you one thing: today you're "Stronger than yesterday."     


  1. Watson :

    Bad Ass J Cruz… Bad Ass

  2. Dan Y. :

    I’m starting to enjoy the beat downs, especially the long ones with movements I personally find so hard I have to scale down. It instills humility. And when I finish last, covered in sweat with others cheering me on, I feel accomplishment. I know for at least that moment, I have the mental fortitude to push my limits. I carry forward a forged confidence and attack other tasks throughout my day with equal passion, drive and vigor. I love our Gym!

  3. Trina :

    If you want it to be fun, it always is.

  4. Anna :

    Nice pic Joe!!! So strong.
    Update for hike to longs: Guys we will have to postpone hike to longs peak this Sunday. I’m sorry, but lets do thi this month. So on that note, we still will be going tubing in Boulder Creek that Sunday. So not such an early morning for all. Lets go when its warmer, say 1300?
    Call me if you want to go.
    Sorry again about Longs Peak!

  5. Vern :

    I’m so lucky to call you my coach! You are AMAZING JOE!!!

  6. bjackson :

    have you ever felt like you would never meet a group of people that can look at a broken finger after an astoundingly high box jump and say “dude that is so totally awesome!! look at how high you just jumped!!” or a group of people that encourage each other to be better…faster…stronger every day?
    i always thought i was crazy…till i met you guys. MUCH LOVE PEEPS!!

  7. Keith :

    Sometimes I have a dread of the fun I’ll be having.
    I foster a mantra of regret minimization. When it comes to physical tasks that, for better or worse, I have the errant belief that I can’t do, I force myself into at least tackling them. Though the desire to avoid the short-of-breath-sweat-in-eyes-raw-knees-burning-abs moments is huge they are over quickly enough. The regret and self recrimination over having not even tried is an all day affair.
    Yep, it’s fun.

  8. AnnieCam :

    If you have helmets I think you should wear them tubing. Kiel and I did it last week in Boulder and it was a blast, but the water is moving fast in some spots and your face can move towards the rocks at a super fast speed! Be safe. xoxoxo

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